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**This page needs updating, it's around 4 years out of day as of 24/12/15**

I currently use quite a low spec netbook for DDJing but it makes transportation easy. It's a re-branded J10IL3 model or Advent 4124, 1.6GHz Atom N270, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, with a tiny 10.2" screen. It has a minimal Windows XP Home installation exclusively for DDJing, and it's dual booted with Ubuntu Linux for all other activities. Doing this has allowed me to have an uncluttered operating system to smoothly run the Native Instruments DJing software.
Elitegroup Computer Systems

Because the screen is so small I've found it extremely difficult to use Traktor Pro but as the old software does the job rather well I don't think it's important that I upgrade although it would be nice to evolve with the changing technology.
Native Instruments

I DDJ with a Behringer BCD2000 which is quite a dated piece of kit but it has enabled me to learn many of the basics. With the right mapping, time, patience and dedication it is possible to 'make-do' with the most basic of kit. I can feel myself out growing it little by little as my demands of 'control' increase, but there is plenty of scope for me to continue developing on my basic skills with this particular midi controller.
BCD2000 Image

Configuring the BCD2000 for Traktor use was not as straight forward as the plug and play capabilities of a lot of the modern equipment has become(?). As I chose not to use the software distributed with this controller I had to learn about mapping. I acquired my first Midi Mapping from Cyc0krauT and I also continue to use Midi Rules & Maple VMC.
Midi Rules
This concludes my basic setup.
GPK's First Live Bout

"Off Your Turkey" was a phrase coined during the run up to the end of year festivities of 2010.

I had only been DDJing for a number of months but I believed it was time I was involved with a live performance. 2Ba:Bu, Mr Lewis and I loosely debated putting a party on for months until we decided to make it a reality.

I blogged some details about the event before & after.

Before I got over excited at the prospect of playing my track selection at a crowd, I reigned myself in and put forth a fairly sensible question to the Digital DJ Tips community.

GKP Asks Digital DJ Tips

Your Questions: Will My Entry-level Kit Sound Rubbish in a Large Venue?

"Reader Grafton K Palmer writes: I'm a beginner DJ and I'm using a Behringer BCD2000. It's only entry-level equipment and I'm now worried that it'll sound shit in a large venue."

The One Off Production of 2010

Decapitation is a co-produced track between GKPMusic & that was put together in under 24 hours back on October 19th 2010 [Blogged here]. It's quite a simple track but it has been a stepping stone to another aspect of music that I'm gaining interest in, although yet to fully embracing. Admittedly, I'm not a studio engineer and although I plugged many of the ideas for the evolution of the making of this track, Shotty was the man at the controls interpreting and digitising my ideas until we agreed on what was coming though the monitors.

The day after producing when I returned to Birmingham I got to work on putting a music video together. I didn't have anything in the way of raw footage that I had immediate access to so I made do with a few clips I spotted here and there while working and reworking them. For an initial co-produced track and music video I don't think I did too badly :)

Notes: :: [Produced by GKPMusic & 2010-10-19 @ 4HF Records Studio, Leicester] :: [Final Audio Mastered 2010-10-20 by] :: [Video Rendered by GKPMusic 2010-10-22] :: [Render v1.0]
This track is an Exclusive Remix and is not available for purchase.
My Web Picks

Digital DJ Tips is a great online information community which features regular reviews of many aspects of DJing. There are articles and discussions about almost every topic of significant interest to every budding and professional DJ.
DJ Tech Tools is another site that I've frequently visited since gaining a new found interest in DJing

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