Friday, 27 November 2015


Greetings readers.

I'll cut to the chase.

I sold my Numark N4.

Obviously I couldn't scratch two beats after doing that.

I was loaned an M-Audio Xponent; I never really got into using it.

I thought I lost 23,000 mp3s; basically my entire collection!

6 Months later I learned that I still have the collection.

I've got back in the driving seat and have started working on my ability to beat match again.

GKP - Enter 2016 by GKP Music on

During the time I thought I had no digital music I turned to dabbling with Cubase. I'm currently working on a track. It sounds quite good for a solo attempt. It must be confirmed it's not my first time flying solo.

I've also picked up my guitar several times. Not yet a rock star.

Not much else to report on the music front. Now I have a shiny new laptop and no more awful scratchy noises coming from the controller's sound card I think I am comfortable playing to an audience. So, this is where I am heading.