Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Greetz ..

This'll be one quick entry as I've not long been in from work ..

Yup GKP, me, actually has a proper job now. Well, proper insofar as I have to be up and out the door for a certain time and on site to commence a role at a predefined time for a predefined wage on a daily basis. I believe that is commonly referred to as a job. 'Proper' is actually a matter of opinion.

DJing has taken a back seat since mid/end July which is when I officially re-sold my soul to the SYSTEM. I think the amount of times I've jammed on the trusty old Numark N4 can be counted on a few fingers. Actually, as I make this entry it dawns the residual emotional elements of having a fresh completed mix uploading in the background while I say a few words about it.

Not this time surely?

I can actually point out a mix for certain that I've churned out recently as I listen to last years 'Mad With It!' for old times sake.

Above I have embedded a video recorded mix that came about on November 3rd - hopefully not the last blend of the year!! 

I saved a little bit of cash that I earned on the plantation and splashed out on a handful of new beats, predominantly Techno, with a vibe that I was feeling as I browsed the hundreds of tracks on Considering my comments about the sub-genre on the whole have been rather flagrant, and still are, I'm not sure I'm doing myself any favours when I'm seen to be getting in the groove with music I apparently am supposed to detest.

Hmmmm! .. Maybe I'm a convert and I just don't know it yet? I may as well let it be known that I've had the above mix on my mp3 player in my car blasting every day, sometimes multiple times on longer journeys, as loud as I could get it. Not the actions of someone who supposedly dislikes Techno ehh?

I doubt it will be my last Techno Mix. I want more of the same and I want to know them inside out! I will be doing excessive choon shopping over the festive period - I really need to build up my old skool selection favouring Jungle and Garage; I also want more choons like the dnb I'm composing this insert to (linked above) .. 

Any how, what behold GKPMusic for the future?


I should do something with it but have escaped the narrow circle of influence that advocated 'having a mix' as it were. So it's something I kinda 'get round to' as opposed to making time for. Previously, I wouldn't want a fortnight to pass without making some deck progress, but with this recent annoyance formerly known as employment, some things have had to take a back seat whilst others have come to the fore.

I bought an electric guitar. I haven't spent an amazing amount of time strumming it but I am picking it up quite quickly when I put the effort in. When I buy a case for it I'll be playing it even more because my current circles play instruments as well as guitars and the right level of influence is present to bounce off each other and develop quickly.

At some point I will put some video up of me having a strum, possibly with some other faces too having a jam depending on whether they're up for it.

Any how, one must fully retire form work for the day, shower and slip in to someone more comfortable.

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