Sunday, 29 April 2012

Numark N4: Ustreamed

Video streaming by Ustream

Nothing to report.

Ok just a few things.

It took ages to get a new laptop hard drive, back up all existing files, partition new drive, install Ubuntu, install XP, find out XP wouldn't work properly with the Numark N4, reinstall the original Vista which came with the laptop, reinstall all drivers and software and replace the earlier backed up files. The logistics dragged out over a few weeks inclusive of planning. Actually scratch that. Soon after the N4 was delivered and I knew it wouldn't work with my existing version of Traktor Studio, I figured I'd have to set it up on my laptop and not my netbook. Ughhh, whatever! I'm glad it's over with and I can now jam on this new bit of kit. It was supposed to serve other purposes but nothing as yet has developed on that front. There's always tomorrow but for now I'm making use of it.

I've made more posts on my google+ profile. I wonder if there is a way to link posts from their to here?

Any way. The above ustream clip is my first broadcast mix using this N4 which has been set up with the newly configured laptop for around a fortnight. I'm still getting used to the controls. There are also some latency issues to sort out but I'm going to have to research to find a solution. I may just install the Numrk DJ iO and be done with it as I know it delivers perfect sound for the BCD2000 which I must say, I'm not missing now that I'm getting into this new bit of kit.

I'm going to leave it at that and hope to have some thing to share soon especially some information about this new controller.