Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Greetz ..

This'll be one quick entry as I've not long been in from work ..

Yup GKP, me, actually has a proper job now. Well, proper insofar as I have to be up and out the door for a certain time and on site to commence a role at a predefined time for a predefined wage on a daily basis. I believe that is commonly referred to as a job. 'Proper' is actually a matter of opinion.

DJing has taken a back seat since mid/end July which is when I officially re-sold my soul to the SYSTEM. I think the amount of times I've jammed on the trusty old Numark N4 can be counted on a few fingers. Actually, as I make this entry it dawns the residual emotional elements of having a fresh completed mix uploading in the background while I say a few words about it.

Not this time surely?

I can actually point out a mix for certain that I've churned out recently as I listen to last years 'Mad With It!' for old times sake.

Above I have embedded a video recorded mix that came about on November 3rd - hopefully not the last blend of the year!! 

I saved a little bit of cash that I earned on the plantation and splashed out on a handful of new beats, predominantly Techno, with a vibe that I was feeling as I browsed the hundreds of tracks on Considering my comments about the sub-genre on the whole have been rather flagrant, and still are, I'm not sure I'm doing myself any favours when I'm seen to be getting in the groove with music I apparently am supposed to detest.

Hmmmm! .. Maybe I'm a convert and I just don't know it yet? I may as well let it be known that I've had the above mix on my mp3 player in my car blasting every day, sometimes multiple times on longer journeys, as loud as I could get it. Not the actions of someone who supposedly dislikes Techno ehh?

I doubt it will be my last Techno Mix. I want more of the same and I want to know them inside out! I will be doing excessive choon shopping over the festive period - I really need to build up my old skool selection favouring Jungle and Garage; I also want more choons like the dnb I'm composing this insert to (linked above) .. 

Any how, what behold GKPMusic for the future?


I should do something with it but have escaped the narrow circle of influence that advocated 'having a mix' as it were. So it's something I kinda 'get round to' as opposed to making time for. Previously, I wouldn't want a fortnight to pass without making some deck progress, but with this recent annoyance formerly known as employment, some things have had to take a back seat whilst others have come to the fore.

I bought an electric guitar. I haven't spent an amazing amount of time strumming it but I am picking it up quite quickly when I put the effort in. When I buy a case for it I'll be playing it even more because my current circles play instruments as well as guitars and the right level of influence is present to bounce off each other and develop quickly.

At some point I will put some video up of me having a strum, possibly with some other faces too having a jam depending on whether they're up for it.

Any how, one must fully retire form work for the day, shower and slip in to someone more comfortable.

Peas readers

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Numark N4: Ustreamed

Video streaming by Ustream

Nothing to report.

Ok just a few things.

It took ages to get a new laptop hard drive, back up all existing files, partition new drive, install Ubuntu, install XP, find out XP wouldn't work properly with the Numark N4, reinstall the original Vista which came with the laptop, reinstall all drivers and software and replace the earlier backed up files. The logistics dragged out over a few weeks inclusive of planning. Actually scratch that. Soon after the N4 was delivered and I knew it wouldn't work with my existing version of Traktor Studio, I figured I'd have to set it up on my laptop and not my netbook. Ughhh, whatever! I'm glad it's over with and I can now jam on this new bit of kit. It was supposed to serve other purposes but nothing as yet has developed on that front. There's always tomorrow but for now I'm making use of it.

I've made more posts on my google+ profile. I wonder if there is a way to link posts from their to here?

Any way. The above ustream clip is my first broadcast mix using this N4 which has been set up with the newly configured laptop for around a fortnight. I'm still getting used to the controls. There are also some latency issues to sort out but I'm going to have to research to find a solution. I may just install the Numrk DJ iO and be done with it as I know it delivers perfect sound for the BCD2000 which I must say, I'm not missing now that I'm getting into this new bit of kit.

I'm going to leave it at that and hope to have some thing to share soon especially some information about this new controller.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's been a number of weeks since I last made a blog comment. Don't worry, there's more to come. Finding the time to sit and create an entry with accompanying images and links to a mix or two requires time.

I shall endeavour to make an entry over the coming week inclusive of a link to my boxing night mix, an album of my new equipment and updates regarding the latest competition and how my entry mixes are coming along.

No biggy, hold tight!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

The year is off to a cruising start. I'm not into new years resolutions much, probably because committing to quitting a bunch of habits and starting new ones is a tall order. I quit smoking for all of 34 days prior to Boxing Night but have since slipped back into the claw of this disgusting, smelly habit. The break done me well and I'm proud. After today has passed I will revert to a non smoking status - how hard can it be?

I knocked out another mix yesterday. Well, I did an hour mix and it sounded good. So I then decided to mix this hour mix with a previous mix of similar length. It doesn't sound too bad to be fair. Both mixes were already pretty tight, so blending between the two, EQing and regular adjustments with the jogwheels gave a reasonable result.

Had I had 4 decks to use I'm sure I may have got a little less jumbled and my efforts would have been a tad more tidy.

There it is. I haven't uploaded the solo New Years mix, only the combined mix. While working on this mix I was kinda fantasising over having 4 decks to play on and getting down to some really hardcore blending with House, Acid and Techno of varying sorts. I've entered it into the djkit End of 2011 Mix Competition along with 3 other mixes. There's no harm in trying. I'm not bothered about winning, taking part is just as healthy. It would be nice to acquire £500 credit to spend with djkit, I can think of a few things I could acquire to enhance my DJing.

I paid a visit to an old pal just before new years eve. I hadn't been over for some time, a couple years in fact. Seems he's developing on the music front and now has a studio in the making and the majority of hardware required to string up and band and deliver some loud music to a reasonable large hall. There might be some scope to collaborate on some projects this year. I'm still not 100% clear what this collection of gear is set to result in. Whatever it is, it seems promising for my old school pal.

I also caught up with the DJ Alpha before he went out and played at Random Concept. This guy has gone from strength to strength with his music career. About time too! Good to see the revellers loving up your productions.

I'm keen to see what everyone has planned on the music front this year. I'm wondering what twists and turns Shotty takes with his skills in production, if Simon Owen manages to keep his studio fully booked, if Strictly Beats are planning any outdoor DnB gigs during the summer, Dance Off Your Turkey is set to evolve but no one seems to be speaking about this yet - least not with me. If nothing happens by mid February then I'll do things myself - how hard can it be when you know people in the right places who know even more of the right people in the right places?

There's much more going on around me than previously. There are things I can get involved with so I'm going to keep my ear to the floor. Of course I can't list them all here - well I could but what would be the fun in that?

The most latest news to land in my inbox is that I'm now a proud owner of a Numark N4 4 channel midi controller. This came as a shock. The Dance Off Your Turkey collective have just inherited it's first dedicated piece of kit. I'll have to make some time to become conversant with it when it arrives, although I'm due to start working in my new job any day now. Juggling my time is going to be a fine art. I've forgotten what it's like to be enslaved for 8-12 hours per day. Planning my holidays is going to be fun, so I must ensure I don't waste them.

I'm going to be severely rationing my time this year. I will need a diary of some description. I've almost got the year planned, and it all kicks off within the next week. This is super cool. Being busy, earning again with large plans. It's like a new breath of new air.

** Edit **

I missed a mix out of my list. I did this one on the 30th December. I think it was prior to visiting an old pal. Yes that's right. After Sonic Terrorist played his last set he handed some familiar looking headphones over to the venue owner who swiftly deposited them in his studio. I asked Sonic Terrorist who's they were to which he explained they belonged to The Dreadster. I was knackered to be honest and just wanted to go home after 17 hours at our party. Turns out those cans were as I originally suspected and I ended up leaving Ste-Jay's headphones at the venue. I had no reason to doubt Sonic Terrorist, but in future I'll be triple checking. The night was not without it's hiccups. A pair of CDJs went walkies for an hour or two, which put me further away from going to sleep for a short time. Luckily they came back and it was an honest mistake - just like the headphones incident.

Ye, I was going to discuss this mix. I recorded it for the journey to the venue to recover said headphones, however when I got there the place was shut. I wasn't going to call it a night and go home, so that was when I took the detour and visited my old school pal for a quick catch up. Hopefully we can collab on a Hip Hop EP this year.