Thursday, 29 December 2011

Almost the end of 2011

Hmmm, where to begin? Today I set up the DJ station back in it's home and I'm currently listening to an 80 minute mix I've just finished piecing together. It has no name yet and I'm not sure I'm going to upload it. I probably will.

What's new? Boxing day has come and gone and it was our annual 'Dance Off Your Turkey' gathering. It was a success! I thoroughly enjoyed playing my 90 minutes of dnb, then a further 30 minutes of some Minimal Techno / Tech House. Sorry to those who wanted more dnb, but it was a predominantly Techno affair. May be next time I can make more allowances.

What else? I bought a sound card. A Numark DJ iO off ebay. £51 I think it cost and has served it's purpose very well so far. If I didn't get it I wouldn't have been able to play my set on Boxing night.

In the week prior to the party I recorded a few mixes whilst I was ploughing my collection. I uploaded them to mixcloud where my mixes seem to be being received much better than previously thought. Thinking about it, I might just enter today's mix into the DJkit competition. Unlikely I will win, but it could be my time - who knows.

Today I'm noticed my mixing is quite good. I'll let the audience decide, but that was my observation. Embarking upon 4 deck territory might be a good proposition I might put forth to myself.

I quit smoking after my last blog entry for approximately 32 days. I didn't mix for a couple of those weeks. I also couldn't decide if I was going to attend Dance Off Your Turkey. Becoming depleted of intoxicants can play tricks with the mind! In the end I went, as mentioned, however I did relapse on my cleanse which I'm not chuffed about. I'm going to get clean and stick with it.

If got a regular job about to start in the new year. First one for a while. I'm actually looking forward to it and earning a wage. There's so much I want to get done this year of which most requires a financial outlay. This job will open doors.

There might be other stuff to report but I'm still clouded from the other night. I just thought it was time I posted something. I'll update this entry with links to all my recent uploads.