Monday, 7 November 2011

I think it's winter, brrrrrrrr!

djkit® October competition now over. The word is that I was in the final few. Wasn't a winner this time. None of my 7 attempts were satisfactory enough for me to be crowned victor.

As a result of venturing into the realms of mashing up, re-editing, looping and fx, I've since spent more time working with samples, instrument loops, and building tracks using traktor. I can now see how a midi launchpad styled interface would be a sweet accompaniment to softwares such as Ableton Live.

Although a new controller would have been a nice addition to my set up, there's every chance that I'm going to get Ableton. I'm just not sure it will fit comfortably on my netbook. An additional monitor might be required. Saying that, I'm not sure the spec of my netbook is enough to run Ableton. All will become revealed.

I got involved with the development of another track with shotty. A dnb track at that. I'm yet to mix with it but it's a good track in my opinion. I didn't have so much input in the dubstep track which followed through lack of interest in the genre for the most part. However I have been scouting for lyricists to spot a few bars on this track, and possibly on future tracks if the lyrics fit the style and aims.

This dnb track is titled 'Bustin Out', which adds to the electro house 'Jack on Crack' and breakbeat 'Decapitation. The three styles that I mix the most.

'Mad With It!' scores highly on the play counts over at my House-Mixes profile. 1235 is today's standing with 206 Downloads. 'GKP - Moon Days (2011-10-24)' is not doing so well with just 33 plays and 2 downloads.