Sunday, 20 November 2011

I didn't include a comment about the 'Chaka Kahn' mashup/remix that I was messing with at the beginning of the month. I saw the DISCO HOUSE PRODUCER COMPETITION and considered entering it until I saw there was a catch. Entrants had to purchase a Sample Pack and use something from the pack in their production to be considered. I'm not that much into producing to spend money I don't have on stuff I don't need. I acquired the sample pack through other means to see what I might be missing. Seems I wasn't missing anything - no disrespect to the creators, I'm just not that into producing that I need sample packs nor is the midi controller best equipped to trigger samples while playing a set.
Ain't Nobody (GKP Remix) - Chaka Khan by GKPMusic
The above track is the result of playing with the Hed Kandi samples and loops. Obviously I got carried away and mashed far too many sounds together. If I didn't do a final re-edit, it probably would have been ample. But I went for it and applied another layer of sounds to the tracks detriment. Now it's a mess! Doesn't matter, I wasn't intending on entering it for judges scrutiny so it's all good. My most recent mix recording was churned out yesterday afternoon. I've called it 'Home Work'. It's a nice flowing house mix that was a pleasure to put together. Since very few seem to like or listen to my house / electro / breakbeat mixes on house-mixes these days, I haven't bothered putting it on I should really, as it's where my mixes are presently most likely to be played. I think I could find a better forum for posting this style of music where these genres are what the listeners crave. House-mixes seems to have a large dnb listening community, but on the other hand my house style mixes are probably lacking in something special.
This time I used slightly more effects than I normally would and it's actually helped to fill in the transitions whilst tweaking at the drops. Check it out, you might like it!