Monday, 24 October 2011

GKP - djkit® October Comp (2011-10-23) [v6]

I've been addicted to working on this competition entry of late. I haven't been at it daily but when I have been working on it I've spent quite a few hours with the bass up and the cans on.
GKP - djkit® October Comp (2011-10-23) [v5.2] by GKPMusic

I tried my hand at a version 5 but it was way too noisy. I was bordering into the realm of 'overkill' with all the different noises clashing. In version 5.2 I added an extra 5 tracks to the existing 6 from version 4. All mixed, cut, chopped, looped, FX'd and balanced as best I could accomplish at that moment in history. It was not as tight as I could have got it if I had decided to spend another day on it working from scratch. Much of this style of mashing tracks up is experimentation. I've not done much of it but now I'm kinda getting a better ear as to what I'm supposed to be hearing. My EQing is getting more effective than previous too. If I re-did version 5.2 and made every element as "tight" as can be then I could probably get a good 15-20 tracks on the go at once.

Or maybe not! Version 6 is playing in my cans right now as I type this and it's 9 tracks deep. It has the tightness that I've been been wanting. The components had to be 100% spot on. I'm quite happy with this one and don't think I will be making a version 7 competition entry. My next mashup will be a version 1. I could potentially create a library of mashups with a view of creating a mashup mix that's 1 or 6 hours long. These competitions have been a shining light as they've prompted me to pull out all the stops. It's not even about the winning or losing. I've learned a lot about my mixing ability and areas to improve. I wouldn't ordinarily be focussing on this level of perfection - don't get me wrong, these mixes are not perfect, but as every recording improves they get a step closer to being great.
GKP - djkit® October Comp (2011-10-23) [v6] by GKPMusic

This particular mix gives me some satisfaction about how far I've come since January 2010. Fair enough, I don't have hundreds of gigs under my belt, but what I'm learning about how to treat music when I'm playing it has been worthwhile. Maybe I should develop my own style of presenting music. DJing is versatile and there are lots of ways to deliver music.

Any way, this version 6 is 9 tracks deep and still a similar length.
Track List:

• Speakerz Bumpin Loud (Filthy Rehab Remix) - Soul Puncherz
• The Flying Cat (Original Mix) - Cold Blank
• Strawberry (Original Mix) - Roman Sweet
• Together (Jay Mocio Remix) - E Royal, Tom Twice
• Jack on Crack - GKP & ft Jackson 5
• Disco Dancer - Fast Foot
• Riverside (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson
• Everybody Is Coming (Original Mix) - BSD
• Knobbers - Crookers

There are 31 entries or there about at this current time. I feel threatened by a handful. I actually want to win this on the grounds that I've busted the BCD2000 and could do with another controller. Sounds like the big guns are coming out as this competition draws to a close. Glad I've done another mix and didn't stick with the first thing I churned out. There again, some of these entries are some prehistoric mixes. I can't say I'd plough through any of my previous stuff and put it up as an entry. That's not really taking part. Never mind ehh.