Thursday, 6 October 2011

GKP - djkit® [16Min] '#2' (2011-10-05)

This blog entry has been edited a few time with numerous recent additions - last edited 2011-10-19
GKP - djkit® October Entry (2011-10-05) by GKPMusic

Moving forward with trying to produce a stable piece for the October djkit competition has been an interesting ride. In the first few attempts I mashed together a few tunes and played the resulting mixes a few dozen times each. Something wasn't right. Too many noises at the same volume clashing, not enough definition between each blended loop to name but two issues.

Going back to the drawing board for the forth time allowed me to produce the above short mix. I removed all (most/majority) of the bad elements that I identified in versions 1, 2 and 3 and also purposely selected particular tracks to work with for version 4, whereas the previous three attempts saw me using a random selection as well as too many of them.

All together there are in the region of 20 loops from 6 tracks. I've listened to it many times since recording it and already thinking of ways this could be better. I'm happy with it nonetheless and my mashups can only get better. As of 2011-10-19 there is now a youtube version of this mix with the usual visualisations (below).

:: The Flying Cat (Original Mix) - Cold Blank - 130.00bpm - House/Electro :: Speakerz Bumpin Loud (Filthy Rehab Remix) - Soul Puncherz - 130.00bpm - House/Electro :: Strawberry (Original Mix) - Roman Sweet - 128.00bpm - Minimal / Techno :: Together (Jay Mocio Remix) - E Royal, Tom Twice - 128.00bpm - House/Electro/Funky Tech :: Disco Dancer - Fast Foot - 128.00bpm - Electro/Dance :: Riverside (Original Mix) - Sidney Samson - 126.00bpm - House/Electro :: Final record bpm 133.522

EDITED: 18th October 2011

There are many good submissions flying in and October's djkit competition is getting tougher. I'm going to need a nice draw of herb and some intense sunshine to get my next entry finished and sounding sick (haven't started it yet by the way). I'm a little concerned about the amount of entries that have broken the rules. Some sound very good and are only a second or two over the limit. However, I asked djkit 'How much tolerance is there with the 20 minutes?' and the answer was:-

"It's a 20 min limit. You can go under but not over. The idea is we regularly have comp's without rules or restriction's, this is a change for a month due to the prize being one which has a creative focus on fx and re-editing capabilities. The idea is to get you to work harder in a shorter amount of time on the idea of restructuring tracks via sample,looping, re-editing, fx etc. Sorry to hear that that gives a headache with your set up, you never know it may help you uncover newer creative ways to set it up! "

If djkit stick to their rules then those mixes that go over by even a second may be disqualified. The rules stipulate that entrants can go under but not over in response to my tolerance question. This suits me down to the ground because I read the rules immediately and got clarification before making any assumptions. I feel I could win this be default even if my mix is a little woolly sounding.

Let me jog over the competition description once again,

"..we want a 20 minute creative mix to showcase your creative use of fx, sampling, looping, re-editing .. any genre applicable. Simply paste the URL of your mix on our Facebook page also include what equipment / software you have used make it..."

The other rule being broken is that few entrants have listed their equipment and software. When the rule breakers are added up this leaves very few legit/eligible competition entries. Hmmm, I'm quietly confident but don't wanna get big headed since I've lost every competition up until now but I feel the tide shifting. Best of luck to everyone nonetheless, even if I lose I still enjoy taking part as it helps me learn new things about mixing.