Sunday, 16 October 2011

Drawing 2011 To A Close - Early!!

I went on a job hunting frenzy the other day with a plan to re-engage my financial flow to full throttle. I think I've had a long enough break from the daily grind now for the next 40 years - ok maybe 24 months would be an easier duration to strive towards. I was facing a potential clashing of events. Any one of these jobs could have come through and possibly could have required me to commence grafting immediately. I'd pre-arranged studio time to get back to work on 'Jack on Crack' and possibly start another new track that would go toward the EP. Any way, I imparted this news to shotty, the man with the studio, and said in advance "there is a chance I could be offered a job and that I'd be cancelling any musical arrangements we'd made without notice if such a thing happened." I let it be known that I was more interested in immediate employment than whatever other mediocre choices were before me. This information was well received and understood.

Several job applications later, on the day I was ready to leave town, and moments before my lift arrived I became the recipient of a job offer. It was a fairly decent job offer that ticked the right boxes for me. Problem was my lift, to my imagination, was already en-route to pick me up. My mind was already operating in the language of music and I forgot about sticking to my guns and priorities. In hindsight I should have totally cancelled the music stuff and pursued the job offer. But as Mr Wheeler says "You win some you lose some, make the next one count". So now, being a little bit pissed at my former decision I've decided to put employment at the top. Music is very much taking a back seat. In fact, anything to do with anyone except me is pretty much history. I'm all out of favours therefore those who would benefit from my assistance are fresh out of luck for the foreseeable future.

GKP & ft Jackson 5 - Jack on Crack (I Want You Back Remix) by GKPMusic

Right, that said, Jack on Crack did receive some level of finalisation. It's changed again. I don't know if I like it anymore. shotty made some amendments that I'm not sure about, and I'm not sure about the break loop thing at the beginning. I haven't played it since I've been back so this track would probably benefit from being mixed a few times. All that was wrong with it has been rectified, namely the quietness, but now it could be over kill on the volume. I simply cannot tell in the studio, the speaker set up must be crap. The new additions are not all perfect, and I don't recall playing a significant and practical role in the recent level mastering. To be fair my mind wasn't there much of the time. Not only was I drunk and stoned I had this niggling thought about this job in my head. Not much else to say regarding bringing JoC another step closer to finish. I actually do not want to spend any more of my time on it.

I recorded some video footage of some of the production process. Accumulatively I have around 3 hours or there about. This means I need around a whole day to go through it and give it some editing. Chances are I won't, but I will probably hang on to the footage as it can go with all the other archived footage I've managed to accumulate.

A new drum and bass track started to take shape on day two. I've been empty for ideas for weeks so didn't really contribute much. Must be stated that I did provide an acapella given to me by Max 'Emayex' Henson called 'Pow'. They were grime lyrics and needed to be slowed down a hell of a lot to fit this dnb track in the making. After a few hours I was a little too mashed to throw many ideas out so I carried on drinking and smoking while bearing witness to what was unfolding before me. Now and again I contributed something but not much. I shan't be attaching my name to this dnb track, if anything I should become a solo producer if that is where I want to go.

Friday was party time. I brought the BCD midi controller with me even thought it's a little bit busted up. It worked eventually. A few recognisable faces turned up to part take in the spirit of things. Well done! Any how, I played a few choons, nothing much. All I recall is everyone leaving at around 2am which was pretty much when I got on the controller. I can't remember much but I do recall everyone leaving when I started playing some house/tech house/electro house styles. Actually, lemme amend that, I did manage to play a pre-recorded mix - 'Mad With It' and it managed to play before any one buggered off. Oh well, fuck em! It only cost me the price of walking away from a job to be there that night, what have they got to be grateful for? Exactly, nothing lol!!!

I was fortunate to be graced with the use of an external sound card during my time away. It was a Numark DJIO. This small bit of kit made a heck of a difference. The standard 44.1kHz quality was immediately blown out of the water with this cheap and cheerful 88.2kHz jobby. It did make me think again about the importance of sound cards. Not having anything to compare the BCD to perviously meant I didn't give it much thought beyond a new external sound card would make things sound better. Little did I know how much better. I would certainly consider on of the soundcardless controllers and a top of the line sound card. Problem is DJ booths aren't always massive and spacious and real estate is a commodity. The more good features that can be crammed into one unit the better. Hopefully a new Traktor Kontrol S4 will be out soon incorporating the missing features that users have requested.

Next blog entry may feature a short mix featuring JoC, the latest clean version - not the soundclouded version. I think I shall get on with this tomorrow afternoon after spending the morning on the job hunt. Hopefully I shall receive a new offer of something even better than what I rejected and had I not rejected it and endured Wednesday to Saturday I wouldn't have got it. Gotta remain positive :)

Standby for Jack on Crack mini mix tomorrow.

Oh one thing I want to add is the last mix I uploaded "GKP - Mad With It! - 2011 09 29" is currently at 979 plays :: 159 downloads :: 14 thumbs up :: favourited 19 times. This is the most attention any of my house mixes uploads have ever achieved so I'm quite chuffed. *It's still rising!*