Tuesday, 4 October 2011

- djkit® [16Min] 'comp-entry' (2011-10-05)

After going 'mad with it' and with and element of 'forward distortion' I've since found that my controller repairs have not been 100% successful. Appart from only having 1 earphone working, I hadn't noticed much else until I set up outdoors for the second time and realised only a single side of the master out was working. Due to the way I have my amp set up I hadn't realised this sooner. On the plus side I can still record but this would be no good in a club having only one channel.

It's competition time again with DJkit®, and this time there is a prize that I could do with. The competition description reads 'October Mix Competition to win American Audio VMS2, we want a 20 min creative mix to showcase your creative use of fx, sampling, looping, re-editing .. any genre applicable. Simply paste the URL of your mix on our Facebook page.'

At first I thought I hadn't a chance because of the effects that are readily available with the current mapping. It's complicated so I won't go into it but it boils down to not having enough buttons and knobs. Although as I type this I'm thinking of a possible way around the issue by remapping 3 buttons. It's certainly something I will look into. I've worked on a mix 'GKP - djkit® [16Min] 'comp-entry' (2011-10-05)' over the last 3 days and finished it today. The first attempt was ok. I could feel where I wanted to go but a single error spoiled the show. The second attempt still carried the same error so I wasn' best pleased. Which bring me to today's effort.

I think I'm giving it the 'ok'. It's definately an area of DJing I could spend more time. Here's the link, see what you think (turn your bass up - it's bass driven)

:: ? :: Anno 99 Dole and Kom :: Bukkake Beyonce Super Flu :: Out of Space Prodigy :: Mama Satisfaction Benny Benassi :: B Tone Benny Benassi :: Don't Smoke DJ Deekline :: Mars Fake Blood :: Everybody Is Coming BSD ::

{{Sorry - I've confused myself with the dates, this all occurred since the beginning of October, I don't know why I've put August on everything}}