Monday, 19 September 2011

Tapping Out .. But not KO'd

Feels like it's been months since I last recorded and uploaded a mix and made a dedicated blog entry. I tried to play some D&B and Jungle but I wasn't quite getting into the tempo. Maybe next time I hit record I'll be in the 170-180bpm zone, who knows?. I can't force these things lol. I'm either there or I'm not unfortunately.

I ought to spend more time with my D&B and Jungle tracks to be fair. I loved Jungle as a teenager but I don't seem to play much of it while mixing, which is a shame because I actually favour it more than these dance/clubby beats. I think the reason I don't dig into the up tempo box much is mainly due to me learning how to mix and blend with relatively slow music of which I have a fairly large amount. I've accumulated quite a lot of it.

Also, the DJs that a first had the opportunity to play back to back with played mainly Techno, Tech House, Breakbeats and Funky Breaks which was all around the same tempo. I wouldn't have been popular ruining their live streaming if I constantly increased the bpm by 30 or 40 every time it was my turn to spin a hand full of tracks. So there was an element of compromise. It's not at all bad because playing back to back has formed a major part of my intense learning. It also forced me, quite early on, to move away from pressing sync. The pressure was certainly on to manually beat match which I've gradually picked up having been forced to synchronise with vinylists and CDJ DJs. It's been good practice needless to say.

So onto today's mix. Eleven (and a half) tracks of some beats I haven't really included in any previous mixes. While the BCD controller was out of use I attempted rearranging my Electro collection and discarded quite a few tracks that I thought needed to be rejected. So this mix consists of those Electro beats that I decided to keep. Admittedly, I haven't had the chance to play some of them in a mix before so much of this was on the fly. I didn't see a point in playing the same old tunes that must be sounding quite familiar in my mixes now. This is not to say I've discarded those gems that I love to play, however the rearrangements have enabled me to better categorise what I've got.

I should endeavour to somehow separate my vocal tunes a little better. The voice clashing doesn't sound good in most cases. Also, I should start to consider the 'key' of the tracks I'm playing. Any how, that's enough rambling for now. I leave you with 'Tap Out v.1' - I think it sounds ok, or as good as I can expect having not put the headphones on for weeks [a little dubious about the kutting at the start but I calmed my pants eventually]