Thursday, 29 September 2011

Late Summer ..

What can I do but talk about the weather. Just when I thought the whole of 2011 was gunna be various shades of grey, there was a break in the clouds on Tuesday. I mean literally! The weather has been pretty good without a cloud in the sky.

At high noon on Tuesday I set up my booth in the back yard and did a good 3 hours of practice mixing under the sun. It's the first time I've set the gear up in the middle of the garden and cranked it up, but I really went for it and it brought with it a new feel for dropping a mix.

I didn't want to make a complete mess of it because I was in ear shot for a good 100m radius, possible tapering out over another 75-100m. That's potentially a lot of ears of my neighbours and passers by so I treated the situation with respect :)

When I retired from the great outdoors I reconfigured the set up and laid down a recorded mix since I hadn't recorded any of my out door efforts.

I went through similar motions on Wednesday and my immediate neighbours we out in their gardens. I did't ask if they enjoyed it. I simply assumed they didn't mind; I know them well enough for them to shout across for me to turn it down.

Today I got busy with a Drum and Bass mix. I'm quite please with it. My D&B collection is getting the same clean-up treatment as my Electro House at the moment. It's showing. No outdoor mix today though, wasn't time on top of other duties and labour but here's what happened.