Friday, 5 August 2011

Aside from Music..

I just like to drop a few comment on another subject.

Big up to Ayo and your new ventures with HTC. I remember a while back (almost 2 decades ago!) when you and your bro had matching mountain bikes and it's amazing what you've done to take mountain biking to the next level.

I've seen the HTC videos on youtube and from what I hear you and your crew are now the face of HTC Detour :: Get on your bike for life ..

I see you've got a little bit of the limelight in the Detour making video too

Best of luck with that. It's sick that you've been able to take your mountain biking hobby and interest to another level. This just shows that perseverance and honing in on one's talent can lead to un-thought of opportunities.

Don't forget to fire up those 1210s from time to time cuz because more opportunities might arise still. Big up!