Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Broken Sequel (Re-Boxed Mix)

Yesterday's attempt at rendering a mini breakbeat mix with a similar level of listenability as "House Be Boppin" tripped at the first hurdle. It didn't sound to bad but I wasn't as satisfied with it as "House Be Boppin". So I mixed it again today and think I've achieved a simple goal of smooth transitioning almost throughout with satisfactory use of level controls. I think the mix breakdowns are appropriately placed and of a fair duration. The build ups are nicely presented too.

What does it lack? Flare! It's just a mix at the end of the day of other people's manifestation of art (music) .. Besides blending two tracks there's not much of my own stamp being placed on each mix. Accessibility to Deck effects when activated by the controller kills access to the Deck EQ which leaves only the mouse and maybe the keyboard. I do what I can with the mouse but it's doesn't sound nearly enough lol.

For now I'll continue to try and hold a mix together