Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nothing to report!

I've not made a set recording for quite some time. Admittedly I did hit record when I started broadcasting a few days ago but things didn't quite work out so I stopped recording the mistakes. Sods law meant that after stopping the recording everything went according to plan.

Since this getting on the internet broadcast wagon I've been experimenting a lot. Getting used to controlling the levels to prevent distortion in the stream has been a challenge. It's been sounding fine to me at the booth but the stream has been sounding a little off at times. I think I'm getting to know the boundaries therefore allowing me to stick to mixing. Another issue has been having the stream drop out, restarting it as well as trying to stay in the mix.

I'm now streaming 24/7. I was being throttled last night and this interfered with my connection speed. After leaving the stream running for 24 hours already I've found that drop outs are actually few and far between and it's usually another computer on the network sharing the bandwidth that causes it. For the next fortnight I'll attempt some continuous streaming. I've cued my playlist and I'll be constantly streaming my 2010 mixes as well as more recent ones as I get them out. I'll drop in with the odd live mix, but could do with scheduling a regular 'Live' session and see if anyone will listen.

I should be brushing up really. I've not been working on tightening up mixes any more than playing lots of tunes for an hour or two. There seems to be potential interest floating around with regards to throwing another event, or two, maybe three. Who knows, I might get a set, so I'm going to have to work on some good shit lol. If it doesn't come to pass, it doesn't matter because I'd have worked on my shit and tightened up the loose bits.

Nothing else to report besides trying to acquire some appearance uniformity in the appearance of this blog, youtube, twitter and ustream channel .. This blog is going to have to grow a bit more to become the focal point instead of having multiple satellites. Combining all mediums that I work with under the code name GKP is becoming a necessity.

Hopefully I'll have added a couple of new mixes to my personal archive and house-mixes profile over the next week. I might even acquire a couple of new tunes of the heaviest kind and remodel how I approach laying down a mix. Getting into producing is becoming a vision as I play the same sounding tracks over and over. But I'm not inspired to make anything right now.