Monday, 20 June 2011

Hit 'Record' my yout!

A long awaited mix has left the stable this afternoon after a conscious effort to not make too many errors. I was locked in the zone for the most part and now that I've spent time getting to know the dynamics of my track collection I'm able to get more out of my transitions. The few major errors are a good sign in all honesty, they indicate to me that I'm still persevering to push the performance boundaries and try different things that I'm uncertain will work. I'm also trying to move away from the text book errors, but considering I haven't read the text book I'll still be falling into traps I should otherwise be avoiding. The cool thing is being able to manage disasters and sort them quickly which I think this latest work of art accomplishes.

I've named this Monday musical fix 'Victims of Circumstances'. Tashism raises the question "why do we imprison so many victims of circumstances? it's heart breaking! instead of reaping what we sow, we throw them behind bars" .. This one's for the 'Victims of Circumstances' in the pen and over the wall.

So there are no live events in close proximity featuring yours truly along side the 'Off Your Turkey' Squad. Too bad! Or probably a different window of opportunity in disguise.

What else happened? I've busted my decade old cans and need a new pair. I've seen some that meet my criteria so I'm going up the music shop at the weekend to have a look and hopefully try them out before purchase. If funds can stretch I might even walk away with a new controller. For an entry level piece of kit at the right price the Vestax VCI range could be replacing this trusty BCD by next week. I'll have to wait and see how my budget weighs in later in the week.

What else? I thinks that's the lot