Thursday, 26 May 2011


Given the chance I think I'll take it. Last evening the opportunity arose to play a slot with EC1 & 2Ba:Bu on I don't know much about this station but who cares? I was going to broadcast on NoMI Radio's Ustream account half an hour earlier but doing 3 way back to back was a much better offer.

I don't think I did too well regardless of the zero listener count. To this hour I still think there was a significant time delay between what was in my cans and what was coming out of the monitors. It make cueing and blending a tad strange but I might have just been overtly intoxicated at the time and what I was hearing was not happening.

Any wayz, big up EC1 & 2Ba:Bu for the good session!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Evolving My Blog

I haven't made a blog entry for some time. So, musically, what's been happening with the evolution of GKP Music?

I took a short break, of around a fortnight, from DDJing a couple months back. I needed a moment to reflect on my journey so far. I needed to gauge the direction I needed to take in the next phase of my learning.

While taking some 'down-time' from mixing I opened a youtube account and flicked though and favourited a few clips. I took some time to have a look at what the DMC champs were up to which also gave me insight into other aspects of deck-creativity.

Since getting back to learning the ropes, I've been putting even more effort into beat-matching b2b with a vinyl DJ. It's hard work keeping a digital track in time with a vinyl track (or even two vinyl tracks) while trying to cue up a second digital track. I've found my mind has to be focussed on numerous different things at once which started off quite a challenge.

I've also re-embarked upon some level of producing. I've taken a fairly reserved role so far in an almost exclusively observational capacity, which wasn't what I had in mind. I'm getting to see how Ableton Live could be of future benefit to me which again prompts new ideas of how I can evolve my DDJing interest.

I'm still uploading mixes here and there. I've entered two competitions via facebook to win DJ equipment after submitting a mix each time. Not winning was a foregone conclusion but it's been worth entering as well as seeing who won and what allowed them to win.

The latest mission has been broadcasting online. NOMI is a label in the process of being set up. Part of the concept involves NOMI Radio, which has been set up using Ustream. I've therefore started using Ustream to broadcast online. As you can see I've embedded the Ustream player within this blog.

Today I realised the broadcast quality of my hardware configuration is poor. I think I can get round it for £30 but it's not a major priority. But still, it would be nice to broadcast at the best quality available as I've spent a fair bit of time ridding my track collection of hairy sounding beats.

And last but not least, I've updated my blog as much as I can stretch my mind to conceive for today