Friday, 7 January 2011

First Friday, 2011


I managed a 150 minute masterpiece yesterday. This is how I want to start my mixes in 2011. So far I've only been able to listen to the recording once. I'm currently on my second play and it's sounding 92% faultless. This is partly what I've been striving for! A consistent set with a good flow. I can't wait to get it online to see what listeners think. Even if they don't like it I wouldn't be disheartened because I had a lot of fun putting this set together :)

I decided to break it up a little but keeping the same kinda theme happening. The idea was not to have a boring set but one filled with a couple of treats. I evolved the set through breakbeat, minimal techno, progressive house, house, electro house, tech house, techno and back again.

I'm tempted to jump on the 1s and 2s right now, but I think I'll finish listening to this latest recording. For if I am to continue evolving my learning I need to pay close attention to what I'm doing. It's also very important that I get involved with another gig. Looking up at the crowd to see how my choice of tracks impacts them is the next thing I need to work into what and how I play for public consumption. At the moment I'm exclusively playing what I want to hear. But this has to be fused with crowd response when playing to an audience. Maybe I'm wrong? I'll find out as time progresses.

Stay tuned for my upload "coming soon". You may have noticed that my embedded house-mixes player doesn't work (now fixed). This is due to the site changes. I'll await communications from the site administrator before I go about rectifying this myself somehow.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Entry time again ..

I've been absent from the midi controller lately, but all is not so gloomy.

Since my last blog update I've uploaded another mix. It was a 2 hour mix set compilation of Tech House, Techno and Electro House. It was the last recording I laid down back on the 20th December 2010 before myself and 2 others threw a boxing night party. The mix was called 'Fucking Snot' with some accompanying artwork of a child crying with a stream of snot pouring from his tiny nostrils. Needless to say I was asked by site Admin to rename my set so I gladly obliged as well as changing some of the texts used on the artwork.

The following weekend was party weekend and all went a good as could be expected. We got our venue for free, our 5k sound system at a flexible cost; we brought our own decks and I brought my loaned control surface. We had 8 or 9 Djs in the house. Besides the sub zero temperatures outdoors and treacherous driving conditions as well as rail strikes, we threw a great boxing night party for our guests!

We couldn't have planned for things to have gone better considering none of us had been involved in putting a night together. The hope is that we can continue to deliver a few more events throughout the year, each one better than the previous. The ball is in motion.

Back to the mixing. I had a technical hitch on the run up to party time. The crossfader was failing on me in a bad way so the night before I did a clean install to no avail. I hoped for the best and set up my equipment on the night with my fingers crossed. Just beyond the half way point during my set I had severe hardware failure. The crossfader was fucked! Afterwards I decided it was time to buy a new crossfader. I must say, from time to time I did abuse it and wouldn't have been surprised if it had broken internally!

I stripped the BCD200 down and de-soldered the VR. It was caked up with dust. I took the VR apart and cleaned all pieces with some alcohol based cleaner and cotton buds. I put the cleaned component back together, re-soldered it and ran a test. It turns out the problem was just an accumulation of dirt within the crossfader component. It's now back to working like a dream.

Unfortunately there was little need for a reinstall even though it has now been done. I think I will need to re-stripe all of my tracks. All of my settings were saved before formatting so I haven't lost anything at all apart from the track stripes. The analysed BPMs had been stored so I was able to mix right away. I'm now trying to sort out the latency issues. The output sound seems a little scratchy at times and I'm sure it's a latency issue causing it. This should be easily rectified over the coming week.

I haven't uploaded for 2011 as yet. I've made a couple of hour long recordings but I don't want to add those to my online collection :( .. House Mixes, the website I use to host my uploads, has under gone a 2011 transformation. It is a vast improvement visually, but there are numerous teething issue that many users are being faced with. Much revolve around broken links. While the site Administrator is getting the snagging done I'm going to refrain from uploading.

I'm now in the process of finding another party venue. We don't have an interest in making money from the events which is both good and bad. It's good because our common interest is putting on great parties, which should happen every time, but venues, transportation, tickets, flyers, lighting and sound does not come cheap!

That's your lot for January 5th! I'll update any links I need to add above at my leisure :)

I forgot to add: I've had a couple of B2B sessions with Dj 2Ba:Bu on the vinyl decks. It's been an interesting transition going from DDJing to dropping someone else's vinyl. If it wasn't for the expense and numerous other factors that I find a nuisance about vinyl I'd endeavour to become a vinylist. Right now I thinks it's best I stick with what I'm learning. Many of the skills are transferable only the feel is kinda different.

That's definitely your lot! :)