Saturday, 13 November 2010

BCD2000 & Traktor Pro v1.2.x

I've finally mapped this borrowed BCD2000 to work with Traktor Pro v1.2.x ..

It's not as difficult as I've been imagining it to be, but one needs to have a fair amount of patience in reserve. I've had numerous attempts in the past to get this BCD2000 working with Traktor Pro but it wound me up every time. But today I've nailed it :) With the help of DJ Logic's blog article related to BCD2000 Midi Mapping I followed his concise instructions to reach a stage where buttons and knobs should be working. This I achieved, but a third of the things I wanted were not mapped to my liking. With a few rule deletions and an array of new rule additions I've been able to get a similar level of usability from Pro as with Studio. I'm miffed as to how to get any reasonable scratch functionality but I don't do much scratching so this feature can wait.

I think it's getting very close to the time that I acquired my own controller. It feels like the time to make the transition from this pretty good basic device to a more professional piece of kit. That's my Saturday entry!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Instalment ..

Here I go with another end of week blog entry.

I'm still itching to take this DJing interest to new heights. When we put our minds to something we enjoy our force can be like an avalanche. I've felt that ever since I began taking mixing seriously. My destination features me keeping a crowd of at lest 10,000 hyped. I've figured that I need to initially practice really hard.

Gauging from download stats and listener feedback I'll consider myself on the right road to meeting my destination. There'll be many paths ahead before I reach my destination. I may not even achieve such a tall order; it doesn't matter :) The entire learning curve associated with my new found interest has been enjoyable at every moment. But hyping up a massive crowd for a couple hours, or even less, is certainly a useful goal that keeps me dedicated and focussed.

Enough a dat!

'Aerial Attack', named such because the geo-engineering thing is out-a-hand. The chemtrails are a nuisance. So I wanted to drop some heavyweight Breaks in a tight mix in my disapproval to engineering the climate.

'I Blazed Da Cheese', named such because that's what I did before breaking away from the Breaks and diving into my Jungle selection. After recording it, encoding it and uploading it I realised that it contained many of the same tracks from an earlier Jungle set that I did titled 'Jungle Drill', so I took a break and created a part two of tracks that I haven't used in a set yet. I think it worked out pretty well, but after taking a break my flow was broke. This reflects in the overt sloppiness in part 2. I have to be critical even if listener comments don't reflect it!

'Level Crossing', named such because I decided to head right back to the comfort of those Breaks. I've developed a joy mixing Breaks because it was a genre that I was guided to play as a beginner. I'm simply showing my respect an honour to Breakbeat even though I like to play some Jungle and other genres. My listening taste is quite vast but in the beginner DJ realm things are a little tighter.

'Silk Cuts', named such because I was in receivership of a brand new track from shotty and I played it as soon as I got it and kinda loved it. I could wait to get it in a mix. I know I messed up playing a certain track in there but I shall live and learn! Silk Cuts? hmmm, .. google images : silk cut as in the cigarettes .. I had visions of all their quirky billboard adverts of yesteryear after completing this set. Not sure why, I haven;t smoked one for very many years.

'By-Passed Meter', . this was my first Electro House set. It was also the first time I was listening to this selection of tracks. I was mixing them on the fly with no prior knowledge of what the tracks were going to sound like. I imaged 'not too different'? I've had some constructive criticisms from a listener and Ill take it on board. There's more homework for me to do. I'm not too hot at distinguishing the sub-gentres of genres within the larger category of Electronic music. It took me a while to distinguish breaks and Techno. Sounds ridiculous but I'd never previously paid any attention. If it sounded good I bought it or acquired it.

I think that's enough typing .. It's time for me to chill out.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I called it 'Aerial Assault'..

I'm totally fed up of the geo-engineered weather fronts looming over head. Say what? Yea, that dreaded chemtrail phenomenon is presenting horrible gloomy weather. I spent some time looking into aerial aerosol missions and geo-engineering last year. I took photos and video footage over the course of time to try and identify trend in chemtrails behind aircraft and cloud formations. There's no denial that the weather is constantly being manipulated. The proof is all around us. Any how, I called this mix 'Aerial Attack' because today's weather was shit and has blatant traits of being engineered to be that way.

I've just been typing on facebook but was getting carried away. This is how far got with my rambling: I haven't recorded anything lately that I've considered worthy of uploading .. After losing a few minutes off the tail end of my last mix, Lost in Transit', I've gone back to the drawing board. I'm aiming for the skill of seamless blending with added cutting, a few effects, steady volume & EQ levels and trying to keep the whole thing tight and beat matched. I've had a go at each skill set in previous mixes but it's now time to merge them all together before bringing the loops and deck effects back into the frame.

I'm still happy with my progression. The mixes that I upload to house-mixes have been getting more attention lately which provides me some level of satisfaction. I've been recycling many tunes and playing them in different orders with different transitions between tracks and I think I'm discovering various acceptable approaches to maintaining or building a 'vibe' around my sets. Musical journeys I suppose. Maybe I'm now becoming more observant of the art form that engulfs DJing and trying to define my own way of doing things. Who knows? I not consciously thinking about it but when I listen to my recording I'm able to navigate through what I might have achieved and how I can better use certain skills next time I play.

Without further ado: