Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday's Entry

After being asked by a few people about my bashment/dancehall mixes I decided to do a decent length mix set with some of the reggae riddims I've acquired over the course of time.

I uploaded it to some regular file sharing host that doesn't have a player for streaming. I managed to figure out how I could get one of the facebook apps to compensate for this but I'm still not completely happy as my mix is only playable from a single place which is on my page.

In a sense this is great. It means simply means anyone who wants to listen to the mix has to go to my FB page, but this limits my sharing capabilities and enabling others to drop the link on their walls and have their friends stream from the link.

So, I've gone to twitter and had a look to see who was talking about #Bashment and #Dancehall and then I've tweeted them and pointed them toward my track list and play link. hopefully this will pull some listeners in. I'm a bit sceptical about this method of advertising. It may work, but as I only have one reggae mix set uploaded and accessible from my page I may find that I'll have to add more to keep some people coming back in future. One Bashment mix amongst many many Electronic sets gives off signals lol.

What's done is done!