Wednesday, 15 December 2010

3rd Wednesday before 2011 .. Pt1

Yesterday's upload took an extremely long time to upload. Over three hours! I had enough time to watch a movie and catch some zzZZeds before it had finished. So with that said I didn't make a blog entry about Tuesday's upload titled 'Territorial Lockout'. There is no strategy behind the majority of the names I give to these mixes. Usually, within 90 seconds of finishing a set I stand and look out toward the hills and wait for a few words to fall from the sky that describes something about the moment.

After naming I then have a look through google images to see what might be fitting to the mix I just created. One image might make me try another search string until something resonates. I then go to the GIMP/Photoshop and ready myself for some image manipulation. I don't always get the images right away, but the naming seems to always follow the same pattern.

I was very happy with 'Territorial Lockout' and this type of set is what I've been working towards. The mistakes I made we a plenty, but if I was playing a set on a night out at this level then most of that would have been drowned out by the environment. After all, most party goers do not stand, watch the DJ and poke holes at his/her set. Most aim to have a good time and providing the beats are keeping them entertained, their energy levels racing, and their focus on dancing and having a great time, there are welcomed mistakes that can be overlooked. I feel like I'm at that stage where my mistakes will only be bothersome to other DJs.