Wednesday, 15 December 2010

3rd Wednesday before 2011 .. Pt2

Today's addition is another lengthy one. I all of a sudden feel that a 1 hour set is too short so and I don't think I'll be uploading any thing in future less than 120minutes. I've learned how to take my time with tracks. In earlier sets I was getting through 30 track an hour and not employing much creativity on a playing track. Now I've begun experimenting and trying to make better use of the tools before me as oppose to constantly changing the record. Transitions between tracks are getting more elongated and more seamless. I'm learning how to use different parts of a track to help me with the transitions too. Figuring out Beat-Matching seemed so long ago even though it is a highly essential skill. Automatically knowing which way to spin the jog-wheel when a track rides out is also something I've recently picked up. This and much more is what is now being used to better my sets.

I've said before, all that I think I am learning about mixing tunes could be a waste of time until I get in front of a crowd and they're all looking at me to keep them hyped. I don't feel nervous any more when I anticipate that a crowd might be in front of me, I'm very relaxed about DJing. I've realised that getting nervous on the decks makes me do things quickly and that's when mistakes can occur. Staying chilled, watching the remaining track time and choosing the appropriate next tracks is essential to being able to really enjoy playing music. I'm begining to think some of my transitions are as good as the tracks themselves, sometimes better. Some transition send a chill down my spine, some make me take the cans off to jump around. My enjoyment of DJing is ever growing.

Today's mix, 'I Broke My Breaks'. I'm sure I've seen this name used for a set before, but I don't care much - It's my time to brandish it and put my mark on it [Is that too big headed?]