Saturday, 13 November 2010

BCD2000 & Traktor Pro v1.2.x

I've finally mapped this borrowed BCD2000 to work with Traktor Pro v1.2.x ..

It's not as difficult as I've been imagining it to be, but one needs to have a fair amount of patience in reserve. I've had numerous attempts in the past to get this BCD2000 working with Traktor Pro but it wound me up every time. But today I've nailed it :) With the help of DJ Logic's blog article related to BCD2000 Midi Mapping I followed his concise instructions to reach a stage where buttons and knobs should be working. This I achieved, but a third of the things I wanted were not mapped to my liking. With a few rule deletions and an array of new rule additions I've been able to get a similar level of usability from Pro as with Studio. I'm miffed as to how to get any reasonable scratch functionality but I don't do much scratching so this feature can wait.

I think it's getting very close to the time that I acquired my own controller. It feels like the time to make the transition from this pretty good basic device to a more professional piece of kit. That's my Saturday entry!