Friday, 29 October 2010

Last Friday in October ..

I haven't uploaded a mix for this day .. Yesterday's mix, 'Lost in Transit', seemed to be a good effort until I lost the final 8 tunes off the end of the 42 track 135 minute mix set. I was slightly disheartened to say the least. It was the first mix that I put together that felt like a 1 hour set but was actually 2 and a quarter. That was the level of fun I had spinning those beats.

I uploaded 'Cheese and Spirits' on Tuesday and that was a mini success. It didn't make me smile as much as 'Lost in Transit' while DJing it, but I'm listening to it as I type this and I'm very pleased with how my limited skills are evolving week by week. I feel like I'm advancing in the right direction as I continue to learn new techniques as well as practice those I hope to master.

'Cheese and Spirits' was a specially created mix because it begins with 'Decapitation' .. I wouldn't have been pleased with a sloppy set with a custom built tune as the first track. Some listeners are praising me on how tight it is, but I still think it's baggy in places. I know exactly where I'm going wrong and my best work usually comes out after a sip of spirits and a chong on a reefer of good old British Cheddar Cheese.

Friday, 22 October 2010

More "Decapitation"

It's been a welcomed change being able to experiment once again with video rendering. I was fearful that I wouldn't be able to locate a piece of Linux Software that was comparable to Sony Vegas. Luckily I received direction from a random source and have been doing battle with Kdenlive ever since. That said I can now present the latest version, v1.0, of the accompanying video to the track 'Decapitation' that I co/produced with shotty. I could get very used to video and audio production as it's both challenging and very satisfying when achieving personal accomplishments.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Decapitation - Shotty & GKP

These blog entries are becoming fewer, but I'll endeavour to post something when time permits. My last entry was literally a month ago. I don't think anyone is reading this so I won't beat myself up about being absent.

The whole mixing experience is gradually getting better. After missing an opportunity to get a feel for playing in front of observers at the last house party I attended, this one wasn't able to get away so freely. I had a lil jam on the BCD although I'm not totally sure how that sounded. I spent the following day arranging the following track with shotty before returning to base. We started around 1PM and didn't leave the studio for any extended period of time. Twelve hours later Decapitation was breathing life. Exclusive full length preview bellow :)

Upon returning I recorded & uploaded my first mix for fifteen days. This is quite a gap considering some weeks I managed to upload 3 to 5 sets. Even though I hadn't been recording for uploading I still did some solo rehearsals and on occasion some back to back with a vinyl turntablist. I think I have recordings of one or two of those sets but I haven't verified the recordings nor decided whether or not I should be uploading them. I'm not very well rehearsed at back to back or manning a third deck so some of it might not sound too hot.

I've added four sets to house-mixes since my last blog entry, but my most recent 'Reata de Lasso' features 'Decapitated'. Must be said that the 'Taste D-Capitation' also featured a sneak peak at the new track. 'Taste D-Capitation' has actually had some very good feedback from one particular listener at house mixes and it's been enlightening to read such positive comments.

I think that will do for today's round up of news. I don't want to present a dissertation about the last 30 days :) enjoy the preview below

Version 1.0