Friday, 24 September 2010

Plenty of Rehearsing ..

My last blog entry was quite a while ago. Friday's Feedback was some 34 days ago. In terms of DJing a few things have gone on as I try to exit the 'amateur DJ' category. I'm not yet 100% focussed on playing nights out as I'm still trying to iron out the major creases. I understand that there will be creases that may linger and only disintegrate through the passing of time.

I was all set up and ready to play some choons at a house party on 2010-09-04. After listening to the efforts of others who have been spinning choons on the one's and two's for much longer than I have, I kinda backed down from taking the reigns. In hind sight it was certainly a lost opportunity as the house party was a good turn out and a success and no one got to hear me play, or better still I didn't show anyone that I could play.

Since then I've played b2b with 2BaBu and had a quick jam with my cousin as well as Mr Lewis. I've continued to practice, record and upload but haven't found time to maintain this blog.

I'm not going to type about the mixes that I've uploaded over the last 34 days as I normally would after uploading, so I'll just write a few words about the mix that has Just this minute finished uploading.

I've been mentally debating the removal of some of the earlier mixes from All of the mixes seem to generate some activity now and again which is why they remain. I don't think the minimal activity justifies keeping them though. With that said, I went back to the first mix that I uploaded back in June and 'reworked' it. It's already had a few downloads and a comment. I'm pretty chuffed with the comment as it reads 'This kicks ass!', cheers Zeus II.