Tuesday, 10 August 2010

GKP - Humans in Traffic - [short mix]

Recorded this short one this afternoon specifically to stick on YouTube. I had around 4 or 5 false starts. By right I should have been disqualified but I kept at it until it sounded almost right. Currently listening to some of the recordings I've not uploaded so I might go on an uploading frenzy if there aren't too many errors laced in the blends. They're last months efforts, some of which does actually sound pretty tight - still a bit baggy in places but it's good to listen and realise where I'm going wrong.. Any how, enjoy 'Humans in Traffic', named so because I used a dialogue from the Human Traffic movie soundtrack in my intro.

Additionally I've added this earlier short blend to Mixcloud. I was eager to spin the Robert Parry beats that were in my track collection. I didn't have much that I thought would mix well with them but I had a go and this was the result. This is the first Mixcloud upload that I've done and I quite like the site. Uploading was relatively fast and the editable details for the player are pretty good.