Friday, 20 August 2010

.. Friday's Feedback ..

My last blog entry was earlier on in the week, Monday, after posting 'Mundy's Mischief Mix'. The following day I accomplished my longest solo bedroom-set recording entitled 'Joy Ride on Green'. Before hitting record I did the usual rehearsal playing different genres. I've found this to be extremely helpful with understanding the dynamics of beat matching. I decided to record and upload one of my dancehall rehearsal mixes to youtube. I came to the realisation that youtube now offers a maximum of 15 minutes which is slightly better than the 10 minutes that was earlier allowed. This enabled me to upload a 12 1/2 minute quick mix featuring 7 of 51 pieces on the 'Joy Ride Riddim'. Although the upload allowance with youtube has increased, it seems the clamping down on copyright infringement is also on the rise. My upload is not available in the UK, but is still visible to certain countries - Locate it on my Facebook Page.

After recording and uploading I got to work on my breakbeat set which went down quite well. I'm improving all the time. So long as the current mix always sounds better than the previous, I know for certain that I'm heading in the right direction.

I didn't do a set at home on Wednesday as I was busy with other things. I managed to get a bonus mix in the bag by taking part in a set recording with 3 other DJs later that night. Thanks to Mr Lewis & Ideosphere for allowing me to set up and also to 2Ba-Bu for the lift over. It was a good jam and that mix is also online for listening and/or downloading. Thursday was spent listening to the previous days mixing, and what a marathon it was. I still haven't wired the BCD back in place and will probably not have another mix just yet. I want to make some time to listen so I've downloaded DJ Huntress and DJ Stacey's most recent uploads. DJ Stacey's 'This is The ONE!!' is currently being played and is almost finished in all honesty. It's a good mix and sounds very clean. I'll be cueing up DJ Huntress's Mix to have a gander at what's coming out of the Netherlands in these times.

Have a great weekend!