Monday, 9 August 2010

Back in the Biz

I've been mixing and recording but not uploading lately. Listening to the works of others is prompting me to work ever more harder on my skillz. I've just finished a blend (today's). I played a load of random choonz with no other objective besides seamlessness. It was tough but I think having that focus helped to tighten up what was once sounding quite slack. Could be tighter still !! Instead of hitting record immediately after switching on the hardware, this time I had a few practice mixes playing some UKG and dubstep just to get in the swing. I think it helped me a bit after not mixing yesterday.

Since blowing my own trumpet and bragging over a single section of a mix I did last week where I couldn't tell if I was cutting-in or not, last weekend I attempted some back to back with Mr Lewis and Toubabou but the pros blew me out of the water; 'one time' .. I was looking forward to listening to the recording and figuring out where I was going wrong but unfortunately the recording got trashed before I had a chance to acquire a dub. No matter, always another time; If not, still no matter!

I think I shall upload the mix I was boasting about to see how others respond to it .. Only portions of it are any good, while the rest contains the usual fuck-ups .. I've gotten through listening to 15+ minutes of today's 50minute set and it's sounding quite good .. I haven't heard much of an error yet but I know they are lurking in there somewhere. *Edit:((EEEEK half way in, the blend with Azzido Da Bass and the next tune is RUBBISH lol - First major error, but I knew it while I was doing it; which doesn't help really))*

During the week I played some Happy Hardcore which is quite a lot faster than the Breaks I've been pulling out, but I had a good time working the controls at a much faster pace. I also had a go with more D&B and recorded a short Jungle set. I think that's enough typing for now, I'll get uploading.