Saturday, 10 July 2010

Two Weeks Without a Mix..

It's now been a week since I repaired this netbook and I still haven't hooked it back up to the BCD2000 .. I really need to do a clean reinstall on this netbook, preferably adding one or two drive partitions .. I'm not happy with how sluggish it has become since I bought it; of course I've installed and uninstalled countless apps and other files which is more than likely the reason behind its constipation ..

I've still been engaged with figuring out how to publicise Shotty's website. I have my ideas of how best to tackle the issue but it's essentially down to the artist to remain on top of requests; it is possible to lead a horse to water but hey, getting it to drink is another issue. I'll soon be out of patience so I'm not worried about a thing.

I think the main website looks like a bag of shit. It doesn't scream "professional", it yelps "amateur" .. Call me biased but I think the late YouTube Channel and Blog have greater cosmetic appeal than the main site. I feel that the main site needs an overhaul and redesign of the user interface. I look at other artist's websites and they are a little more 'well' designed.

I dunno how one would be expected to visit such a lame page and part with their cash. Sites that seek a money for product exchange have to give the potential customers confidence with the seller. There's absolutely nothing!! Severely lacking; it's not enough to sing aloud "I have a website" and anticipate that the e-commerce will take care of itself .. How will potential customers even know the site exists without promotion and marketing? Yep, I shan't go on as there seem to be a vast spread of issues that need resolution - thy will be done!

I've dug out a GKP special that I worked on a couple months ago. I've done a quick render and it's now on youtube to see how many hits it can grab. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Steve Murano Remix) Vs Shotty - Running Away Vs Shotty - Count Down. I'd like to do a few more remixes like this when time permits. I used this actual remix in a mix that I've added to GKP - Do It Just Don't Mix [01:04:34] although it's only had 60 odd downloads - much better than zero!!