Saturday, 3 July 2010

It's great .. Always look on the bright side !!

I travelled miles yesterday in an attempt the retrieve the new screen for my netbook that I ordered on Thursday .. Unfortunately I was shocked to realise there was a block on my debit card .. I couldn't pay for the item as I hadn't brought any cash with me .. It was a wasted journey and request of a lift, but I managed to see a couple of headz that I hadn't seen recently so it was all good :c)

Upon calling my bank to make enquiries I then found what the problem was and was able to rectify the situation over the phone..

I got my mountain bike out a couple hours after mentally debating taking public transport; I haven't ridden any great distances since I bought my car so the exercise was long over due.. I probably rode a total of 20miles as well as taking a 20 minute train ride .. The shop keeper was quite surprised that I chose to cycle such a great distance but was dlighted for the business ..

I got back home a little over half an hour ago and have completed the installation of the replacement screen .. I have a couple of issues, namely the fact that this replacement is not a genuine part and this fact is visible, but it works and the display quality is perfect .. I'm happy that I can now resume DJ practice and I was happy for the break ..

While I wasn't DJing I was preparing a blog for my mate Shotty .. I knocked it up last week, and to be honest it looks better than this one that I've created for myself .. no biggy!! I hope it gets some traffic and does the job intented..

Right, I'm expecting a guest any minute .. I've just placed my beverage order so it looks like I'm going to get a little intoxicated on this fine Saturday evening .. (I should be going out on the town really - Thanks ladies, you made my treck into the wilderness a pleasure :c) )