Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm Back ..

Over the last ten days I've had one technical issue after another. I managed to get a 5 minute blend since the screen re-fit on my netbook, but I then begun thinking along the lines of a fresh XP install. The netbook was a little sluggish which I think was due to no partitions and a 85%+ filled drive. My plan was to do a quick backup to an external drive of 100GB+ of data, repartition, then reinstall. The backup was probably the easiest part. After deleting my operating system backup partition and creating 3 new ones I later realised that no matter which version of XP I was about to try and install my purchased key that is stuck to the netbook was not going to work. All this OEM crap and blah blah blah prevented me from doing a job that could've been done in a day, extending it to 3-4 days. The task is not yet complete as I'm also wanting to finally get a linux distro on it's own partition so I can ditch windows apart from where I really need it - to run Traktor!

I had my first proppa blend yesterday although I felt really out of practice and my efforts sounded a bit shitty. I'll be having another session later today with an attempt to get back in to it pretty quick.

Hmmm, what else can I disclose? Went out raving last weekend. I got a lift on the back of DJ Toubabou's 650 to the venue. The ride down was a buzz considering I'd only been on the back of a 125 once in my life and only reached speeds of 20mph or there about. The venue was 'spot on', but I got a bit Wr3cK3D early on but I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next event. Can't say too much about it, everyone was sound unlike other shit holes I've been to so that was a big bonus. I think I've run out of poop to write.