Friday, 23 July 2010

I can't mix for shit

.. and breathe .. I need more practice I think. I didn't add Tuesday's Monday's mix to my online collection because it wasn't so great, but I uploaded Wednesday's Tuesday's blend which I thought was ok'ish' even though it was fully laden with errors. In hind site it was/is a bag of shit. I was having a browse of other user profiles on house mixes yesterday and came across the Audio Dolls and played their most recent upload. Good stuff! Then I came across DJ Stacey, a frikin 11 year old who's been at the controls for little over a year, sounding pretty sick for a minor. I've started feeling inferior, I mean I'm half way through listening to 'God is a Girl' and I'm losing the will the spin another tune. Upstaged by a brat! No offence kid. I must work harder, so today I'm starting earlier because after three weeks of no mixing I'm due to put in some overtime anyways. I also listened to DJ Huntress's, latest addition which further puts my efforts to shame .. It's all inspiration and motivation to a large degree; I'm not bitter lol even though it might sound like I am, it's just raised the bar even higher .. I'm going to stop this track I'm playing at 45 minutes, I may move it to my mp3 player to finish listening at a later convenience. ((while typing this it's now at 1hr5min so might as well continue listening to the whole thing))

Didn't manage to lay down a recording yesterday due to too many distractions going on throughout the day. I tried to have a jam but my mind was all over the place which reflected in my effort. This clean XP & TraKtor install is proppa wicked and is reproducing sound better than previous. Now it's the shitty low quality soundcard that I'm noticing more, but for practising it's all good. No point shellin out yet for a badass controller considering I'm not a magician on the jog wheels just yet. That's today's rant of a blog install over

EDIT: I'm confused with the days of the week. Even though I've changed them around I still think they are wrong for some reason .. was only this week ffs *