Sunday, 25 July 2010

GKP - Mow Fresh Ckut Grass (Mix)

After having a bout with the Black & Decker strimmer then acquiring a sneezing fit, a couple tokes on the Midland's finest set me up for a quick blend on the MP3 decks. Correctly named 'Mow Fresh Ckut Grass' with the pollen and grass fragments still making my nostrils twitch, recorded, encoded and uploaded just moments ago. A few more sequential days of blending should bring me back to where I was 'learning-wise' before taking the forced 3 week vacation. Some beats well mixed, just as many not matched very well .. Not far from getting the majority to match seamlessly, might take a while but I'll be patient.

Having a listen to another DJ on house mixes, I've discovered a friends request waiting so I'm checking out the skillz of DJ Tommi playing 'On The Edge', the most recent upload. I haven't listened to much dubsteb even though I do have numerous tracks of this genre in my Trak Collection. Sounding pretty good to me for the most part, not to sound to critical. More inspiration for my musical ear; too grateful! ô¿ô