Friday, 23 July 2010

GKP - Inspired By Your Udder

Got off to a rocky start but soon settled in to the blending. I haven't proof listened yet but I'm playing it back as I type. The audio sounds a little bit shitty which could be because I haven't had a reboot since yesterday. I ought to reboot every time I boot Traktor. I called this recording "Inspired By Your Udders" or something, not entirely sure why. Twenty minutes in, still a bit rough although not near as bad as the previous upload. Just shows how much of an influence listening to something well composed can have on me. Might have to have another mooch about on house mixes to see what others are doing. I might even spot a few choon that I'd like to have in my collection along the way. I'm quite sure some/many of these tunes I've got are a bit dated, I've no idea I'm not a DJ (yet) and I'm totally a novice with this genre even though there are a good 6.6GB of Breakybeats in my "Trak" Collection