Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bad Energy Day

Here's another 'Can't Mix For Shit' day. I had major difficulty getting into the swing today with multiple false starts. After being so pleased with yesterdays effort, even though containing a few errors, today I'm almost of the opposite opinion with what I've produced. I didn't wish to let today be an off-day so I tried and then tried a bit more until something came out. While nothing was coming out I decided to have a bash at adding an acapella to a beat. This turned out okish; not sure the choice of tunes was as good as it could have been but I'll upload the mini remix to youtube and stick it below. Sounding a bit scratchy, maybe because I streamed it over a network when I created the visuals. This public version is good enough quality to get the gist of what's going on. I tried to use it in a mix but it never went down too well, everything fell apart soon after it dropped. Best to work with the tunes I'm getting to know rather than making newish ones I do not. Today's mix will be online soon, I'll initiate upload sequence in a moment then edit this post.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

GKP - Undergraduate Undisputed Mix [58:34]

A few words. This one is a milestone! Noticeably an improvement on all mixes up to this point. Better control over balancing the deck gains and eq levels. Still working on beat matching and trying to achieve seamless blending. It's gradually coming together. Had a blast using the FX controls occasionally but still need to get the feel for their use. Pretty good all round. singing my praises and giving myself a pat on the back. Maybe next week I will be in the promising position to begin recording 2 hour sets and challenge myself to being able to remember all technical aspects and employ them at the right time. I'm almost out of novice dj school.

Monday, 26 July 2010

GKP - Get Fresh Riddim [10:00] [MiX]

I'm going to blend some of the old time classics later in the week and upload them to Youtube. It's been highlighted that I need to work on my mixing capabilities where 2 hour sets are concerned. Maybe next week I'll start recording 2 hour sets and see how I get on. At the moment I don't think my skills are good enough for listeners to endure 2 hours of my current standard. Won't be long now till I can take the stabilisers off, but I'm far from riding with no hands.

GKP - Differently Stroked Mix

Thought I'd play some Dubsteppy choons today after listening to DJ Tommi's mix that I mentioned prior to the last post. I got on ok with this genre even if I do say so myself. Now I have a greater than vague understanding of beat matching I'm finding I can get along with more genres. I'll continue to use breakbeat as my foundation because there are some nice choons in that section of the 'record-box', but hey when the music hits you feel no pain, tranquillise the body and stabilise the brain!

GKP - Come Down Riddim [10:00] [MiX]

Mixed and length-snipped yesterday; Rendered visuals this afternoon, uploaded to Youtube shortly after. And here it is. I absolutely love these riddims so I think I shall add more clips to Youtube featuring some dancehall hits.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

GKP - Mow Fresh Ckut Grass (Mix)

After having a bout with the Black & Decker strimmer then acquiring a sneezing fit, a couple tokes on the Midland's finest set me up for a quick blend on the MP3 decks. Correctly named 'Mow Fresh Ckut Grass' with the pollen and grass fragments still making my nostrils twitch, recorded, encoded and uploaded just moments ago. A few more sequential days of blending should bring me back to where I was 'learning-wise' before taking the forced 3 week vacation. Some beats well mixed, just as many not matched very well .. Not far from getting the majority to match seamlessly, might take a while but I'll be patient.

Having a listen to another DJ on house mixes, I've discovered a friends request waiting so I'm checking out the skillz of DJ Tommi playing 'On The Edge', the most recent upload. I haven't listened to much dubsteb even though I do have numerous tracks of this genre in my Trak Collection. Sounding pretty good to me for the most part, not to sound to critical. More inspiration for my musical ear; too grateful! ô¿ô

Friday, 23 July 2010

GKP - Inspired By Your Udder

Got off to a rocky start but soon settled in to the blending. I haven't proof listened yet but I'm playing it back as I type. The audio sounds a little bit shitty which could be because I haven't had a reboot since yesterday. I ought to reboot every time I boot Traktor. I called this recording "Inspired By Your Udders" or something, not entirely sure why. Twenty minutes in, still a bit rough although not near as bad as the previous upload. Just shows how much of an influence listening to something well composed can have on me. Might have to have another mooch about on house mixes to see what others are doing. I might even spot a few choon that I'd like to have in my collection along the way. I'm quite sure some/many of these tunes I've got are a bit dated, I've no idea I'm not a DJ (yet) and I'm totally a novice with this genre even though there are a good 6.6GB of Breakybeats in my "Trak" Collection

I can't mix for shit

.. and breathe .. I need more practice I think. I didn't add Tuesday's Monday's mix to my online collection because it wasn't so great, but I uploaded Wednesday's Tuesday's blend which I thought was ok'ish' even though it was fully laden with errors. In hind site it was/is a bag of shit. I was having a browse of other user profiles on house mixes yesterday and came across the Audio Dolls and played their most recent upload. Good stuff! Then I came across DJ Stacey, a frikin 11 year old who's been at the controls for little over a year, sounding pretty sick for a minor. I've started feeling inferior, I mean I'm half way through listening to 'God is a Girl' and I'm losing the will the spin another tune. Upstaged by a brat! No offence kid. I must work harder, so today I'm starting earlier because after three weeks of no mixing I'm due to put in some overtime anyways. I also listened to DJ Huntress's, latest addition which further puts my efforts to shame .. It's all inspiration and motivation to a large degree; I'm not bitter lol even though it might sound like I am, it's just raised the bar even higher .. I'm going to stop this track I'm playing at 45 minutes, I may move it to my mp3 player to finish listening at a later convenience. ((while typing this it's now at 1hr5min so might as well continue listening to the whole thing))

Didn't manage to lay down a recording yesterday due to too many distractions going on throughout the day. I tried to have a jam but my mind was all over the place which reflected in my effort. This clean XP & TraKtor install is proppa wicked and is reproducing sound better than previous. Now it's the shitty low quality soundcard that I'm noticing more, but for practising it's all good. No point shellin out yet for a badass controller considering I'm not a magician on the jog wheels just yet. That's today's rant of a blog install over

EDIT: I'm confused with the days of the week. Even though I've changed them around I still think they are wrong for some reason .. was only this week ffs *

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm Back ..

Over the last ten days I've had one technical issue after another. I managed to get a 5 minute blend since the screen re-fit on my netbook, but I then begun thinking along the lines of a fresh XP install. The netbook was a little sluggish which I think was due to no partitions and a 85%+ filled drive. My plan was to do a quick backup to an external drive of 100GB+ of data, repartition, then reinstall. The backup was probably the easiest part. After deleting my operating system backup partition and creating 3 new ones I later realised that no matter which version of XP I was about to try and install my purchased key that is stuck to the netbook was not going to work. All this OEM crap and blah blah blah prevented me from doing a job that could've been done in a day, extending it to 3-4 days. The task is not yet complete as I'm also wanting to finally get a linux distro on it's own partition so I can ditch windows apart from where I really need it - to run Traktor!

I had my first proppa blend yesterday although I felt really out of practice and my efforts sounded a bit shitty. I'll be having another session later today with an attempt to get back in to it pretty quick.

Hmmm, what else can I disclose? Went out raving last weekend. I got a lift on the back of DJ Toubabou's 650 to the venue. The ride down was a buzz considering I'd only been on the back of a 125 once in my life and only reached speeds of 20mph or there about. The venue was 'spot on', but I got a bit Wr3cK3D early on but I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next event. Can't say too much about it, everyone was sound unlike other shit holes I've been to so that was a big bonus. I think I've run out of poop to write.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Two Weeks Without a Mix..

It's now been a week since I repaired this netbook and I still haven't hooked it back up to the BCD2000 .. I really need to do a clean reinstall on this netbook, preferably adding one or two drive partitions .. I'm not happy with how sluggish it has become since I bought it; of course I've installed and uninstalled countless apps and other files which is more than likely the reason behind its constipation ..

I've still been engaged with figuring out how to publicise Shotty's website. I have my ideas of how best to tackle the issue but it's essentially down to the artist to remain on top of requests; it is possible to lead a horse to water but hey, getting it to drink is another issue. I'll soon be out of patience so I'm not worried about a thing.

I think the main website looks like a bag of shit. It doesn't scream "professional", it yelps "amateur" .. Call me biased but I think the late YouTube Channel and Blog have greater cosmetic appeal than the main site. I feel that the main site needs an overhaul and redesign of the user interface. I look at other artist's websites and they are a little more 'well' designed.

I dunno how one would be expected to visit such a lame page and part with their cash. Sites that seek a money for product exchange have to give the potential customers confidence with the seller. There's absolutely nothing!! Severely lacking; it's not enough to sing aloud "I have a website" and anticipate that the e-commerce will take care of itself .. How will potential customers even know the site exists without promotion and marketing? Yep, I shan't go on as there seem to be a vast spread of issues that need resolution - thy will be done!

I've dug out a GKP special that I worked on a couple months ago. I've done a quick render and it's now on youtube to see how many hits it can grab. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Steve Murano Remix) Vs Shotty - Running Away Vs Shotty - Count Down. I'd like to do a few more remixes like this when time permits. I used this actual remix in a mix that I've added to GKP - Do It Just Don't Mix [01:04:34] although it's only had 60 odd downloads - much better than zero!!


Saturday, 3 July 2010

It's great .. Always look on the bright side !!

I travelled miles yesterday in an attempt the retrieve the new screen for my netbook that I ordered on Thursday .. Unfortunately I was shocked to realise there was a block on my debit card .. I couldn't pay for the item as I hadn't brought any cash with me .. It was a wasted journey and request of a lift, but I managed to see a couple of headz that I hadn't seen recently so it was all good :c)

Upon calling my bank to make enquiries I then found what the problem was and was able to rectify the situation over the phone..

I got my mountain bike out a couple hours after mentally debating taking public transport; I haven't ridden any great distances since I bought my car so the exercise was long over due.. I probably rode a total of 20miles as well as taking a 20 minute train ride .. The shop keeper was quite surprised that I chose to cycle such a great distance but was dlighted for the business ..

I got back home a little over half an hour ago and have completed the installation of the replacement screen .. I have a couple of issues, namely the fact that this replacement is not a genuine part and this fact is visible, but it works and the display quality is perfect .. I'm happy that I can now resume DJ practice and I was happy for the break ..

While I wasn't DJing I was preparing a blog for my mate Shotty .. I knocked it up last week, and to be honest it looks better than this one that I've created for myself .. no biggy!! I hope it gets some traffic and does the job intented..

Right, I'm expecting a guest any minute .. I've just placed my beverage order so it looks like I'm going to get a little intoxicated on this fine Saturday evening .. (I should be going out on the town really - Thanks ladies, you made my treck into the wilderness a pleasure :c) )