Friday, 11 June 2010

Traktor Maintenance

2117 Songs, 9.3 days, 21.4GB where 608 Songs are breakbeat .. Every track is analysed but there are numerous choons that are categorised in the wrong genre due to incorrect ID3 tagging .. I'm working through my breakbeat playlist making amendments where necessary .. It's a lengthy task as I'm also amending my Ratings .. I'm glad I never added my entire netbook's library to my Traktor track collection because this task would be taking me much longer .. Hopefully I won't have yesterdays problem which was a program crash after working through most of my breakbeat playlist .. I never got a chance to close the program manually to save the data I had modified .. I'm now at position 133 of 608 so it may be another few minutes before I crank up the volume and begin working on today's blend ..