Thursday, 10 June 2010

Some Biography, Pt 1

I've not been much of a producer in terms of music .. As a teenager I'd spend time outside of school messing about with a friend's studio equipment. This was in the day of using Atari computers due to their built in MIDI assets for sound production .. Cubase was the focal point of much of the producing .. I had a go at doing vocal work in my youth but I didn't put the effort in and decided it wasn't my thing .. I've been exposed to playing the keyboard but again, laziness meant I wasn't going to be rewarded for my efforts .. I much preferred the technical aspects of sound engineering than the performing side ..

Now, many years down the line I'm taking the time to learn how to DJ .. I first touched a pair of turntables in the late 90s and didn't touch them again for quite a few years afterwards. I had a go on some 1210s, but again, I didn't put the effort in and felt as though learning to mix was going to be a tough and drawn out chore .. My first interaction with an MP3 midi controller was interesting; there was hope!! It was numerous months after my first encounter with an MP3 controller that encouragement started to manifest. I've since started to mix an blend regularly and I've evolved in skill over the past few months ..