Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My latest under-takings

I haven't been able to work on any mixes lately due to damaging the screen on the XP netbook which I had configured for using Traktor. I did commence mapping the BCD for use with Traktor Pro with my Vista laptop, but since the mad weekend I've found myself doing other things related to the engineering of music, namely the creation and updating of Shotty's blog.

Upon reading his Bio before publishing, I spotted numerous subtle similarities that we share that are musically related. I almost thought my own biography had been bastardised.

I'm going to order a new screen for my netbook, possible later this evening. I'd like to get it sorted out pretty soon as to get back to spinning tunes and building upon my DJ skills.

Blended by GKP - 2010 by Grafton .K Palmer

Blended by GKP - 2010 by GKPMusic

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday's Mix ..

Played some variety today .. Started out with some dubstep choonz before laying down a recording .. I'm not overly confident about recording and uploading other genres just yet as Breakbeat feels more user (novice) friendly .. The beats are easier to match .. I've spent some time listening to some mixes that I recorded back in April; I'm tempted to upload one or two to demonstrate how much progress I've made but I'm certain it would be a waste of space on some unfortunate souls server .. This latest addition is called stinkin pitts mix .. I'm happy with it, but I haven't actually listened to it yet .. I'd normally proof listen before uploading but this time I going barefoot ..

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday's Blend

I don't think this Intel N270 with all the crap I have loaded in Windows is working in my favour .. Soon after recording today's effort the program crashed and my playlist wasn't saved .. I knew the track names of a few but not all so I had to find an alternate method for figuring out the track names I wasn't sure about .. Currently proof listening to this 30minute quicky .. Doesn't sound too bad, but there's much room for improvement .. Getting the levels right without a banging sound system is proving difficult . I need to re arrange my speakers as to be able to hear better what I'm doing .. This mix is almost live on house-mixes .. I think I'll begin using MixCloud this week, but rather than upload the same mix to both hosts I'll start doing two mixes..

Friday, 11 June 2010

Some Biography, Pt 2

I was musical before my teens .. While at primary school there was a teacher who was very into music and made music fun .. We wrote our own music and were entered into a schools concert at the Birmingham Town Hall .. It was my first encounter performing with a class band with my peers as well as competing to win a musically inspired competition .. In those days I played a recorder and a little bit of keyboard .. I also played lead piano for the schools nativity play .. I suppose music has always been somewhere within me while leaking out here and there..

Since secondary school appeared just as a moment in life to have a laugh, I neve persued my inner joy of music academically .. I was fortunate that a friend at the time was from a musical family (mentioned in Some Biography, Pt 1)

Mix Mixed

Today's mix has been done .. Maintaining my ID3 tags took a few more minutes than desired but I got there in the end .. My breakbeat folder is now up to date, or as up to date as I require it this time .. Sorting out these minor issues makes Traktor that much more pleasant to use .. My only hang up about Traktor is the fact I have to convert each set from *wav to *mp3 .. I've decided it much quicker to drag the *wav across my network, convert then upload from a faster machine .. The netbook isn't at all good at multitasking while Traktor is running so I've ensured I can easily access the recording folder over my network ..

It's now time to proof-listen to today's mix .. If there are too many areas I'll have to archive it and not add it to my online library.

Traktor Maintenance

2117 Songs, 9.3 days, 21.4GB where 608 Songs are breakbeat .. Every track is analysed but there are numerous choons that are categorised in the wrong genre due to incorrect ID3 tagging .. I'm working through my breakbeat playlist making amendments where necessary .. It's a lengthy task as I'm also amending my Ratings .. I'm glad I never added my entire netbook's library to my Traktor track collection because this task would be taking me much longer .. Hopefully I won't have yesterdays problem which was a program crash after working through most of my breakbeat playlist .. I never got a chance to close the program manually to save the data I had modified .. I'm now at position 133 of 608 so it may be another few minutes before I crank up the volume and begin working on today's blend ..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

GKP early mix upped to Youtube pt.2

GKP's Cider Sunday : Sunday Pub Lunch Fixer

1) High Volume - Buckfunk 3000
2) In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) - Freestylers
3) I'll Show You - Shotty
4) Bounce - Beat Assassins

-The earlier works .. This is a reloaded effort of the previous Veggie Pie & Chips: Friday Lunchtime Half a Spliff Chilly Dip Mix

GKP early mix upped to Youtube pt.1

GKP's Veggie Pie & Chips: Friday Lunchtime Half a Spliff Chilly Dip Mix

1) High Volume - Buckfunk 3000
2) In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) - Freestylers
3) I'll Show You - Shotty
4) Bounce - Beat Assassins

-The earlier works

Some Biography, Pt 1

I've not been much of a producer in terms of music .. As a teenager I'd spend time outside of school messing about with a friend's studio equipment. This was in the day of using Atari computers due to their built in MIDI assets for sound production .. Cubase was the focal point of much of the producing .. I had a go at doing vocal work in my youth but I didn't put the effort in and decided it wasn't my thing .. I've been exposed to playing the keyboard but again, laziness meant I wasn't going to be rewarded for my efforts .. I much preferred the technical aspects of sound engineering than the performing side ..

Now, many years down the line I'm taking the time to learn how to DJ .. I first touched a pair of turntables in the late 90s and didn't touch them again for quite a few years afterwards. I had a go on some 1210s, but again, I didn't put the effort in and felt as though learning to mix was going to be a tough and drawn out chore .. My first interaction with an MP3 midi controller was interesting; there was hope!! It was numerous months after my first encounter with an MP3 controller that encouragement started to manifest. I've since started to mix an blend regularly and I've evolved in skill over the past few months ..

Loading Traktor..

I've got a new choon for the collection courtesy of Shotty. The title of the track appears to be 'SHOTTY AND LADY SOVEREIGN 'RANDOM REMIX' of the dubstep genre, so I'm going to have a play and see if I can put today's mix together. I haven't played much dubstep so my beat matching skills might show vulnerability. I'll add it to my mixes on house-mixes dot com later this evening and see if anyone listens to it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fiddling with it..

This is quite a straight forward task, but I am a seasoned HTML novice with an above basic knowledge of simple coding. I'm guessing I'll be given an opportunity to share such wisdoms in due course. I'm not sure what to do now I've set this up. I've little to blog about. Maybe tomorrow will inspire me to type a few more words of emptiness.

I've set up a blog!!

It was asked of me whether or not I'd be willing and able to assist with creating a blog. I have no problem offering help where it's needed. Unfortunately, apart from myspace and facebook I've little experience of this thing called blogging. If I am to offer assistance then it's a fundamental requirement that I do some research; this blog, in it's current state is just that - Research!

I shall use this blog to discover more about the world of blogging. Where possible I shall use Grafton .K Palmer Music as the feature topic of this blog