Friday, 17 December 2010

Friday's Entry

After being asked by a few people about my bashment/dancehall mixes I decided to do a decent length mix set with some of the reggae riddims I've acquired over the course of time.

I uploaded it to some regular file sharing host that doesn't have a player for streaming. I managed to figure out how I could get one of the facebook apps to compensate for this but I'm still not completely happy as my mix is only playable from a single place which is on my page.

In a sense this is great. It means simply means anyone who wants to listen to the mix has to go to my FB page, but this limits my sharing capabilities and enabling others to drop the link on their walls and have their friends stream from the link.

So, I've gone to twitter and had a look to see who was talking about #Bashment and #Dancehall and then I've tweeted them and pointed them toward my track list and play link. hopefully this will pull some listeners in. I'm a bit sceptical about this method of advertising. It may work, but as I only have one reggae mix set uploaded and accessible from my page I may find that I'll have to add more to keep some people coming back in future. One Bashment mix amongst many many Electronic sets gives off signals lol.

What's done is done!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

3rd Wednesday before 2011 .. Pt2

Today's addition is another lengthy one. I all of a sudden feel that a 1 hour set is too short so and I don't think I'll be uploading any thing in future less than 120minutes. I've learned how to take my time with tracks. In earlier sets I was getting through 30 track an hour and not employing much creativity on a playing track. Now I've begun experimenting and trying to make better use of the tools before me as oppose to constantly changing the record. Transitions between tracks are getting more elongated and more seamless. I'm learning how to use different parts of a track to help me with the transitions too. Figuring out Beat-Matching seemed so long ago even though it is a highly essential skill. Automatically knowing which way to spin the jog-wheel when a track rides out is also something I've recently picked up. This and much more is what is now being used to better my sets.

I've said before, all that I think I am learning about mixing tunes could be a waste of time until I get in front of a crowd and they're all looking at me to keep them hyped. I don't feel nervous any more when I anticipate that a crowd might be in front of me, I'm very relaxed about DJing. I've realised that getting nervous on the decks makes me do things quickly and that's when mistakes can occur. Staying chilled, watching the remaining track time and choosing the appropriate next tracks is essential to being able to really enjoy playing music. I'm begining to think some of my transitions are as good as the tracks themselves, sometimes better. Some transition send a chill down my spine, some make me take the cans off to jump around. My enjoyment of DJing is ever growing.

Today's mix, 'I Broke My Breaks'. I'm sure I've seen this name used for a set before, but I don't care much - It's my time to brandish it and put my mark on it [Is that too big headed?]

3rd Wednesday before 2011 .. Pt1

Yesterday's upload took an extremely long time to upload. Over three hours! I had enough time to watch a movie and catch some zzZZeds before it had finished. So with that said I didn't make a blog entry about Tuesday's upload titled 'Territorial Lockout'. There is no strategy behind the majority of the names I give to these mixes. Usually, within 90 seconds of finishing a set I stand and look out toward the hills and wait for a few words to fall from the sky that describes something about the moment.

After naming I then have a look through google images to see what might be fitting to the mix I just created. One image might make me try another search string until something resonates. I then go to the GIMP/Photoshop and ready myself for some image manipulation. I don't always get the images right away, but the naming seems to always follow the same pattern.

I was very happy with 'Territorial Lockout' and this type of set is what I've been working towards. The mistakes I made we a plenty, but if I was playing a set on a night out at this level then most of that would have been drowned out by the environment. After all, most party goers do not stand, watch the DJ and poke holes at his/her set. Most aim to have a good time and providing the beats are keeping them entertained, their energy levels racing, and their focus on dancing and having a great time, there are welcomed mistakes that can be overlooked. I feel like I'm at that stage where my mistakes will only be bothersome to other DJs.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Long time no Entry ..

So what's been happening since my last entry? Not a lot really to be honest.

I'm 12 days away from having my first gig which is happening on Boxing Day. It's taken a test of will to develop the idea to now being expectant of a full house. The idea of putting on a gig has been bounced around between myself, Mr Lewis and 2Ba:Bu for a few months now. We were hoping shotty would have played a part and featured in our plans but it seems he has opted out. Nonetheless, without any prior knowledge of putting on an event the three of us persevered, obtained a venue free of charge, printed tickets at no immediate cost, hired a sound and lighting rig for a flexible fee and are in the process of rounding up the guests to come and have a Big Bad Boxing Night with us 8til8.

I'm not going to include the names of any additional people right now as our event is going to be pretty much underground with no open-door policy. It fits the category of a 'rave' more so than a Christmas Party, but if you know what a 'Free Party' is and the culture that is woven into it's fabric then you'll have a good idea of what we're in the process of achieving.

Thing haven't been straight forward. Everything has required planning, replanning and then replanning the replanning. We're not being stuck up about the whole thing so we've even invited guests to bring records if they wish to play a set; with our prior knowledge of course. We, as the organisers, do not see it as our party, but "OUR" party. It's for everyone invited so were not going to be the entertainers for the whole 12 hours even though we could quite easily do this between us. This has attracted a few known DJs who are going to come along with their vinyl & friends which helps to fill the venue.

We had it in mind to charge our guests £3.50 entry with the hope of 125 people turning in. This idea was supposed to fun out sound and lighting. We've since scrapped this idea and are making it a ticket only Free Party. If people choose to offer a donation throughout the night for our troubles then they can, but were not going make it a policy to buy a ticket. If it wasn't for our Sound & Lighting Man being so flexible we wouldn't have been able to throw a night at all. Big Thanks to S & P, respectively Venue, Light & Sound.

So that's a brief summary of some of what's been going on musically. Party Planning!

Even though shotty decided recently to stop communicating with me for a few weeks, there is still hope that me and him will be putting on a gig at a night club in Leicestershire around the end of January 2011. It would be nice to start the year as I mean to go on which is putting to use everything I've learned about DJing so far. Ideally I'd like to be involved with putting on a minimum of 10 gigs in the new year, preferably more. So fingers crossed, shotty will stop being Mr sulky pants because operating as a quartet collective the four of us could take our individual interests in music much further than we could if we continue to move solo. The options are still open, I'll know what I'm doing once Boxing Day has been a success and the talk of the town. I've already designed the January event Flyer and sent it to shotty and he says he likes it. Hopefully this will keep the vision alive. It would be ace if he came to the Boxing Day jam and brought his missus but it's up to him really.

Hmm, what else has gone on? I've had the flu for a week and didn't have a mix for a whole week. I was hopeful that my mixing wouldn't have turned shabby due to the time off. I must be out of the beginner DJ phase now because I've come back as strong as ever. I'm currently listening to today's set and it's sounds sick. If I play like this on party night, regardless of what people say, I'll feel very ready to go on and play more than one set. I can't wait for the feedback when I upload it. I expect this will be leading my downloads ranking within 7 days. But there again, Breakbeat is one of those init? lol

I've uploaded 5 mixes since my last blog entry but I won't talk about all of them in any detail. I acquired some more tunes and tried to add some variety to my flow. Having played a lot of my old stock multiple times and in different orders I though it was full time I tried something a little more fresh. I also went though my track collections sifting out the dull sounding tracks and categorising many of my tracks by sound quality. this has helped tremendously with achieving more volume-balanced sets. I came to realise that I was trying to get the software's EQ to over compensate for dull tracks. Now things are sounding much much better, although some of the tracks I like to play have now had to be sidelined due to sound quality issues.

What else can I add? Hmm, not much really. I think I've typed enough. My next entry will accompany today's recording and upload in a couple hours time.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

BCD2000 & Traktor Pro v1.2.x

I've finally mapped this borrowed BCD2000 to work with Traktor Pro v1.2.x ..

It's not as difficult as I've been imagining it to be, but one needs to have a fair amount of patience in reserve. I've had numerous attempts in the past to get this BCD2000 working with Traktor Pro but it wound me up every time. But today I've nailed it :) With the help of DJ Logic's blog article related to BCD2000 Midi Mapping I followed his concise instructions to reach a stage where buttons and knobs should be working. This I achieved, but a third of the things I wanted were not mapped to my liking. With a few rule deletions and an array of new rule additions I've been able to get a similar level of usability from Pro as with Studio. I'm miffed as to how to get any reasonable scratch functionality but I don't do much scratching so this feature can wait.

I think it's getting very close to the time that I acquired my own controller. It feels like the time to make the transition from this pretty good basic device to a more professional piece of kit. That's my Saturday entry!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday Instalment ..

Here I go with another end of week blog entry.

I'm still itching to take this DJing interest to new heights. When we put our minds to something we enjoy our force can be like an avalanche. I've felt that ever since I began taking mixing seriously. My destination features me keeping a crowd of at lest 10,000 hyped. I've figured that I need to initially practice really hard.

Gauging from download stats and listener feedback I'll consider myself on the right road to meeting my destination. There'll be many paths ahead before I reach my destination. I may not even achieve such a tall order; it doesn't matter :) The entire learning curve associated with my new found interest has been enjoyable at every moment. But hyping up a massive crowd for a couple hours, or even less, is certainly a useful goal that keeps me dedicated and focussed.

Enough a dat!

'Aerial Attack', named such because the geo-engineering thing is out-a-hand. The chemtrails are a nuisance. So I wanted to drop some heavyweight Breaks in a tight mix in my disapproval to engineering the climate.

'I Blazed Da Cheese', named such because that's what I did before breaking away from the Breaks and diving into my Jungle selection. After recording it, encoding it and uploading it I realised that it contained many of the same tracks from an earlier Jungle set that I did titled 'Jungle Drill', so I took a break and created a part two of tracks that I haven't used in a set yet. I think it worked out pretty well, but after taking a break my flow was broke. This reflects in the overt sloppiness in part 2. I have to be critical even if listener comments don't reflect it!

'Level Crossing', named such because I decided to head right back to the comfort of those Breaks. I've developed a joy mixing Breaks because it was a genre that I was guided to play as a beginner. I'm simply showing my respect an honour to Breakbeat even though I like to play some Jungle and other genres. My listening taste is quite vast but in the beginner DJ realm things are a little tighter.

'Silk Cuts', named such because I was in receivership of a brand new track from shotty and I played it as soon as I got it and kinda loved it. I could wait to get it in a mix. I know I messed up playing a certain track in there but I shall live and learn! Silk Cuts? hmmm, .. google images : silk cut as in the cigarettes .. I had visions of all their quirky billboard adverts of yesteryear after completing this set. Not sure why, I haven;t smoked one for very many years.

'By-Passed Meter', . this was my first Electro House set. It was also the first time I was listening to this selection of tracks. I was mixing them on the fly with no prior knowledge of what the tracks were going to sound like. I imaged 'not too different'? I've had some constructive criticisms from a listener and Ill take it on board. There's more homework for me to do. I'm not too hot at distinguishing the sub-gentres of genres within the larger category of Electronic music. It took me a while to distinguish breaks and Techno. Sounds ridiculous but I'd never previously paid any attention. If it sounded good I bought it or acquired it.

I think that's enough typing .. It's time for me to chill out.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I called it 'Aerial Assault'..

I'm totally fed up of the geo-engineered weather fronts looming over head. Say what? Yea, that dreaded chemtrail phenomenon is presenting horrible gloomy weather. I spent some time looking into aerial aerosol missions and geo-engineering last year. I took photos and video footage over the course of time to try and identify trend in chemtrails behind aircraft and cloud formations. There's no denial that the weather is constantly being manipulated. The proof is all around us. Any how, I called this mix 'Aerial Attack' because today's weather was shit and has blatant traits of being engineered to be that way.

I've just been typing on facebook but was getting carried away. This is how far got with my rambling: I haven't recorded anything lately that I've considered worthy of uploading .. After losing a few minutes off the tail end of my last mix, Lost in Transit', I've gone back to the drawing board. I'm aiming for the skill of seamless blending with added cutting, a few effects, steady volume & EQ levels and trying to keep the whole thing tight and beat matched. I've had a go at each skill set in previous mixes but it's now time to merge them all together before bringing the loops and deck effects back into the frame.

I'm still happy with my progression. The mixes that I upload to house-mixes have been getting more attention lately which provides me some level of satisfaction. I've been recycling many tunes and playing them in different orders with different transitions between tracks and I think I'm discovering various acceptable approaches to maintaining or building a 'vibe' around my sets. Musical journeys I suppose. Maybe I'm now becoming more observant of the art form that engulfs DJing and trying to define my own way of doing things. Who knows? I not consciously thinking about it but when I listen to my recording I'm able to navigate through what I might have achieved and how I can better use certain skills next time I play.

Without further ado:

Friday, 29 October 2010

Last Friday in October ..

I haven't uploaded a mix for this day .. Yesterday's mix, 'Lost in Transit', seemed to be a good effort until I lost the final 8 tunes off the end of the 42 track 135 minute mix set. I was slightly disheartened to say the least. It was the first mix that I put together that felt like a 1 hour set but was actually 2 and a quarter. That was the level of fun I had spinning those beats.

I uploaded 'Cheese and Spirits' on Tuesday and that was a mini success. It didn't make me smile as much as 'Lost in Transit' while DJing it, but I'm listening to it as I type this and I'm very pleased with how my limited skills are evolving week by week. I feel like I'm advancing in the right direction as I continue to learn new techniques as well as practice those I hope to master.

'Cheese and Spirits' was a specially created mix because it begins with 'Decapitation' .. I wouldn't have been pleased with a sloppy set with a custom built tune as the first track. Some listeners are praising me on how tight it is, but I still think it's baggy in places. I know exactly where I'm going wrong and my best work usually comes out after a sip of spirits and a chong on a reefer of good old British Cheddar Cheese.

Friday, 22 October 2010

More "Decapitation"

It's been a welcomed change being able to experiment once again with video rendering. I was fearful that I wouldn't be able to locate a piece of Linux Software that was comparable to Sony Vegas. Luckily I received direction from a random source and have been doing battle with Kdenlive ever since. That said I can now present the latest version, v1.0, of the accompanying video to the track 'Decapitation' that I co/produced with shotty. I could get very used to video and audio production as it's both challenging and very satisfying when achieving personal accomplishments.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Decapitation - Shotty & GKP

These blog entries are becoming fewer, but I'll endeavour to post something when time permits. My last entry was literally a month ago. I don't think anyone is reading this so I won't beat myself up about being absent.

The whole mixing experience is gradually getting better. After missing an opportunity to get a feel for playing in front of observers at the last house party I attended, this one wasn't able to get away so freely. I had a lil jam on the BCD although I'm not totally sure how that sounded. I spent the following day arranging the following track with shotty before returning to base. We started around 1PM and didn't leave the studio for any extended period of time. Twelve hours later Decapitation was breathing life. Exclusive full length preview bellow :)

Upon returning I recorded & uploaded my first mix for fifteen days. This is quite a gap considering some weeks I managed to upload 3 to 5 sets. Even though I hadn't been recording for uploading I still did some solo rehearsals and on occasion some back to back with a vinyl turntablist. I think I have recordings of one or two of those sets but I haven't verified the recordings nor decided whether or not I should be uploading them. I'm not very well rehearsed at back to back or manning a third deck so some of it might not sound too hot.

I've added four sets to house-mixes since my last blog entry, but my most recent 'Reata de Lasso' features 'Decapitated'. Must be said that the 'Taste D-Capitation' also featured a sneak peak at the new track. 'Taste D-Capitation' has actually had some very good feedback from one particular listener at house mixes and it's been enlightening to read such positive comments.

I think that will do for today's round up of news. I don't want to present a dissertation about the last 30 days :) enjoy the preview below

Version 1.0

Friday, 24 September 2010

Plenty of Rehearsing ..

My last blog entry was quite a while ago. Friday's Feedback was some 34 days ago. In terms of DJing a few things have gone on as I try to exit the 'amateur DJ' category. I'm not yet 100% focussed on playing nights out as I'm still trying to iron out the major creases. I understand that there will be creases that may linger and only disintegrate through the passing of time.

I was all set up and ready to play some choons at a house party on 2010-09-04. After listening to the efforts of others who have been spinning choons on the one's and two's for much longer than I have, I kinda backed down from taking the reigns. In hind sight it was certainly a lost opportunity as the house party was a good turn out and a success and no one got to hear me play, or better still I didn't show anyone that I could play.

Since then I've played b2b with 2BaBu and had a quick jam with my cousin as well as Mr Lewis. I've continued to practice, record and upload but haven't found time to maintain this blog.

I'm not going to type about the mixes that I've uploaded over the last 34 days as I normally would after uploading, so I'll just write a few words about the mix that has Just this minute finished uploading.

I've been mentally debating the removal of some of the earlier mixes from All of the mixes seem to generate some activity now and again which is why they remain. I don't think the minimal activity justifies keeping them though. With that said, I went back to the first mix that I uploaded back in June and 'reworked' it. It's already had a few downloads and a comment. I'm pretty chuffed with the comment as it reads 'This kicks ass!', cheers Zeus II.

Friday, 20 August 2010

.. Friday's Feedback ..

My last blog entry was earlier on in the week, Monday, after posting 'Mundy's Mischief Mix'. The following day I accomplished my longest solo bedroom-set recording entitled 'Joy Ride on Green'. Before hitting record I did the usual rehearsal playing different genres. I've found this to be extremely helpful with understanding the dynamics of beat matching. I decided to record and upload one of my dancehall rehearsal mixes to youtube. I came to the realisation that youtube now offers a maximum of 15 minutes which is slightly better than the 10 minutes that was earlier allowed. This enabled me to upload a 12 1/2 minute quick mix featuring 7 of 51 pieces on the 'Joy Ride Riddim'. Although the upload allowance with youtube has increased, it seems the clamping down on copyright infringement is also on the rise. My upload is not available in the UK, but is still visible to certain countries - Locate it on my Facebook Page.

After recording and uploading I got to work on my breakbeat set which went down quite well. I'm improving all the time. So long as the current mix always sounds better than the previous, I know for certain that I'm heading in the right direction.

I didn't do a set at home on Wednesday as I was busy with other things. I managed to get a bonus mix in the bag by taking part in a set recording with 3 other DJs later that night. Thanks to Mr Lewis & Ideosphere for allowing me to set up and also to 2Ba-Bu for the lift over. It was a good jam and that mix is also online for listening and/or downloading. Thursday was spent listening to the previous days mixing, and what a marathon it was. I still haven't wired the BCD back in place and will probably not have another mix just yet. I want to make some time to listen so I've downloaded DJ Huntress and DJ Stacey's most recent uploads. DJ Stacey's 'This is The ONE!!' is currently being played and is almost finished in all honesty. It's a good mix and sounds very clean. I'll be cueing up DJ Huntress's Mix to have a gander at what's coming out of the Netherlands in these times.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday Mischief

I've been on the decks for about 3 hours or more this afternoon .. Started out with the breakbeats and encountered literally no errors .. Moved on to some D&B and some jungle skanks which also went down well .. Did a garage set and was also impressed with my new found ability to beat match (you know the one which keeps escaping me, yea that ability lol) .. I finally went back to the break selection and hit record .. I haven't listened to it yet but it's in the encoder getting ready for uploading .. I was very comfortable and every tune dropped really well .. I even pushed the boat out and used the FX as well as looping which didn't sound messy or fuck up the mix.

Mundy's Mischief mix is now live. I've heard it a few times and I'm still happy with it. It's making me want to do another in all honesty.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

GKP - Humans in Traffic - [short mix]

Recorded this short one this afternoon specifically to stick on YouTube. I had around 4 or 5 false starts. By right I should have been disqualified but I kept at it until it sounded almost right. Currently listening to some of the recordings I've not uploaded so I might go on an uploading frenzy if there aren't too many errors laced in the blends. They're last months efforts, some of which does actually sound pretty tight - still a bit baggy in places but it's good to listen and realise where I'm going wrong.. Any how, enjoy 'Humans in Traffic', named so because I used a dialogue from the Human Traffic movie soundtrack in my intro.

Additionally I've added this earlier short blend to Mixcloud. I was eager to spin the Robert Parry beats that were in my track collection. I didn't have much that I thought would mix well with them but I had a go and this was the result. This is the first Mixcloud upload that I've done and I quite like the site. Uploading was relatively fast and the editable details for the player are pretty good.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Back in the Biz

I've been mixing and recording but not uploading lately. Listening to the works of others is prompting me to work ever more harder on my skillz. I've just finished a blend (today's). I played a load of random choonz with no other objective besides seamlessness. It was tough but I think having that focus helped to tighten up what was once sounding quite slack. Could be tighter still !! Instead of hitting record immediately after switching on the hardware, this time I had a few practice mixes playing some UKG and dubstep just to get in the swing. I think it helped me a bit after not mixing yesterday.

Since blowing my own trumpet and bragging over a single section of a mix I did last week where I couldn't tell if I was cutting-in or not, last weekend I attempted some back to back with Mr Lewis and Toubabou but the pros blew me out of the water; 'one time' .. I was looking forward to listening to the recording and figuring out where I was going wrong but unfortunately the recording got trashed before I had a chance to acquire a dub. No matter, always another time; If not, still no matter!

I think I shall upload the mix I was boasting about to see how others respond to it .. Only portions of it are any good, while the rest contains the usual fuck-ups .. I've gotten through listening to 15+ minutes of today's 50minute set and it's sounding quite good .. I haven't heard much of an error yet but I know they are lurking in there somewhere. *Edit:((EEEEK half way in, the blend with Azzido Da Bass and the next tune is RUBBISH lol - First major error, but I knew it while I was doing it; which doesn't help really))*

During the week I played some Happy Hardcore which is quite a lot faster than the Breaks I've been pulling out, but I had a good time working the controls at a much faster pace. I also had a go with more D&B and recorded a short Jungle set. I think that's enough typing for now, I'll get uploading.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bad Energy Day

Here's another 'Can't Mix For Shit' day. I had major difficulty getting into the swing today with multiple false starts. After being so pleased with yesterdays effort, even though containing a few errors, today I'm almost of the opposite opinion with what I've produced. I didn't wish to let today be an off-day so I tried and then tried a bit more until something came out. While nothing was coming out I decided to have a bash at adding an acapella to a beat. This turned out okish; not sure the choice of tunes was as good as it could have been but I'll upload the mini remix to youtube and stick it below. Sounding a bit scratchy, maybe because I streamed it over a network when I created the visuals. This public version is good enough quality to get the gist of what's going on. I tried to use it in a mix but it never went down too well, everything fell apart soon after it dropped. Best to work with the tunes I'm getting to know rather than making newish ones I do not. Today's mix will be online soon, I'll initiate upload sequence in a moment then edit this post.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

GKP - Undergraduate Undisputed Mix [58:34]

A few words. This one is a milestone! Noticeably an improvement on all mixes up to this point. Better control over balancing the deck gains and eq levels. Still working on beat matching and trying to achieve seamless blending. It's gradually coming together. Had a blast using the FX controls occasionally but still need to get the feel for their use. Pretty good all round. singing my praises and giving myself a pat on the back. Maybe next week I will be in the promising position to begin recording 2 hour sets and challenge myself to being able to remember all technical aspects and employ them at the right time. I'm almost out of novice dj school.

Monday, 26 July 2010

GKP - Get Fresh Riddim [10:00] [MiX]

I'm going to blend some of the old time classics later in the week and upload them to Youtube. It's been highlighted that I need to work on my mixing capabilities where 2 hour sets are concerned. Maybe next week I'll start recording 2 hour sets and see how I get on. At the moment I don't think my skills are good enough for listeners to endure 2 hours of my current standard. Won't be long now till I can take the stabilisers off, but I'm far from riding with no hands.

GKP - Differently Stroked Mix

Thought I'd play some Dubsteppy choons today after listening to DJ Tommi's mix that I mentioned prior to the last post. I got on ok with this genre even if I do say so myself. Now I have a greater than vague understanding of beat matching I'm finding I can get along with more genres. I'll continue to use breakbeat as my foundation because there are some nice choons in that section of the 'record-box', but hey when the music hits you feel no pain, tranquillise the body and stabilise the brain!

GKP - Come Down Riddim [10:00] [MiX]

Mixed and length-snipped yesterday; Rendered visuals this afternoon, uploaded to Youtube shortly after. And here it is. I absolutely love these riddims so I think I shall add more clips to Youtube featuring some dancehall hits.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

GKP - Mow Fresh Ckut Grass (Mix)

After having a bout with the Black & Decker strimmer then acquiring a sneezing fit, a couple tokes on the Midland's finest set me up for a quick blend on the MP3 decks. Correctly named 'Mow Fresh Ckut Grass' with the pollen and grass fragments still making my nostrils twitch, recorded, encoded and uploaded just moments ago. A few more sequential days of blending should bring me back to where I was 'learning-wise' before taking the forced 3 week vacation. Some beats well mixed, just as many not matched very well .. Not far from getting the majority to match seamlessly, might take a while but I'll be patient.

Having a listen to another DJ on house mixes, I've discovered a friends request waiting so I'm checking out the skillz of DJ Tommi playing 'On The Edge', the most recent upload. I haven't listened to much dubsteb even though I do have numerous tracks of this genre in my Trak Collection. Sounding pretty good to me for the most part, not to sound to critical. More inspiration for my musical ear; too grateful! ô¿ô

Friday, 23 July 2010

GKP - Inspired By Your Udder

Got off to a rocky start but soon settled in to the blending. I haven't proof listened yet but I'm playing it back as I type. The audio sounds a little bit shitty which could be because I haven't had a reboot since yesterday. I ought to reboot every time I boot Traktor. I called this recording "Inspired By Your Udders" or something, not entirely sure why. Twenty minutes in, still a bit rough although not near as bad as the previous upload. Just shows how much of an influence listening to something well composed can have on me. Might have to have another mooch about on house mixes to see what others are doing. I might even spot a few choon that I'd like to have in my collection along the way. I'm quite sure some/many of these tunes I've got are a bit dated, I've no idea I'm not a DJ (yet) and I'm totally a novice with this genre even though there are a good 6.6GB of Breakybeats in my "Trak" Collection

I can't mix for shit

.. and breathe .. I need more practice I think. I didn't add Tuesday's Monday's mix to my online collection because it wasn't so great, but I uploaded Wednesday's Tuesday's blend which I thought was ok'ish' even though it was fully laden with errors. In hind site it was/is a bag of shit. I was having a browse of other user profiles on house mixes yesterday and came across the Audio Dolls and played their most recent upload. Good stuff! Then I came across DJ Stacey, a frikin 11 year old who's been at the controls for little over a year, sounding pretty sick for a minor. I've started feeling inferior, I mean I'm half way through listening to 'God is a Girl' and I'm losing the will the spin another tune. Upstaged by a brat! No offence kid. I must work harder, so today I'm starting earlier because after three weeks of no mixing I'm due to put in some overtime anyways. I also listened to DJ Huntress's, latest addition which further puts my efforts to shame .. It's all inspiration and motivation to a large degree; I'm not bitter lol even though it might sound like I am, it's just raised the bar even higher .. I'm going to stop this track I'm playing at 45 minutes, I may move it to my mp3 player to finish listening at a later convenience. ((while typing this it's now at 1hr5min so might as well continue listening to the whole thing))

Didn't manage to lay down a recording yesterday due to too many distractions going on throughout the day. I tried to have a jam but my mind was all over the place which reflected in my effort. This clean XP & TraKtor install is proppa wicked and is reproducing sound better than previous. Now it's the shitty low quality soundcard that I'm noticing more, but for practising it's all good. No point shellin out yet for a badass controller considering I'm not a magician on the jog wheels just yet. That's today's rant of a blog install over

EDIT: I'm confused with the days of the week. Even though I've changed them around I still think they are wrong for some reason .. was only this week ffs *

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm Back ..

Over the last ten days I've had one technical issue after another. I managed to get a 5 minute blend since the screen re-fit on my netbook, but I then begun thinking along the lines of a fresh XP install. The netbook was a little sluggish which I think was due to no partitions and a 85%+ filled drive. My plan was to do a quick backup to an external drive of 100GB+ of data, repartition, then reinstall. The backup was probably the easiest part. After deleting my operating system backup partition and creating 3 new ones I later realised that no matter which version of XP I was about to try and install my purchased key that is stuck to the netbook was not going to work. All this OEM crap and blah blah blah prevented me from doing a job that could've been done in a day, extending it to 3-4 days. The task is not yet complete as I'm also wanting to finally get a linux distro on it's own partition so I can ditch windows apart from where I really need it - to run Traktor!

I had my first proppa blend yesterday although I felt really out of practice and my efforts sounded a bit shitty. I'll be having another session later today with an attempt to get back in to it pretty quick.

Hmmm, what else can I disclose? Went out raving last weekend. I got a lift on the back of DJ Toubabou's 650 to the venue. The ride down was a buzz considering I'd only been on the back of a 125 once in my life and only reached speeds of 20mph or there about. The venue was 'spot on', but I got a bit Wr3cK3D early on but I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next event. Can't say too much about it, everyone was sound unlike other shit holes I've been to so that was a big bonus. I think I've run out of poop to write.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Two Weeks Without a Mix..

It's now been a week since I repaired this netbook and I still haven't hooked it back up to the BCD2000 .. I really need to do a clean reinstall on this netbook, preferably adding one or two drive partitions .. I'm not happy with how sluggish it has become since I bought it; of course I've installed and uninstalled countless apps and other files which is more than likely the reason behind its constipation ..

I've still been engaged with figuring out how to publicise Shotty's website. I have my ideas of how best to tackle the issue but it's essentially down to the artist to remain on top of requests; it is possible to lead a horse to water but hey, getting it to drink is another issue. I'll soon be out of patience so I'm not worried about a thing.

I think the main website looks like a bag of shit. It doesn't scream "professional", it yelps "amateur" .. Call me biased but I think the late YouTube Channel and Blog have greater cosmetic appeal than the main site. I feel that the main site needs an overhaul and redesign of the user interface. I look at other artist's websites and they are a little more 'well' designed.

I dunno how one would be expected to visit such a lame page and part with their cash. Sites that seek a money for product exchange have to give the potential customers confidence with the seller. There's absolutely nothing!! Severely lacking; it's not enough to sing aloud "I have a website" and anticipate that the e-commerce will take care of itself .. How will potential customers even know the site exists without promotion and marketing? Yep, I shan't go on as there seem to be a vast spread of issues that need resolution - thy will be done!

I've dug out a GKP special that I worked on a couple months ago. I've done a quick render and it's now on youtube to see how many hits it can grab. Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Steve Murano Remix) Vs Shotty - Running Away Vs Shotty - Count Down. I'd like to do a few more remixes like this when time permits. I used this actual remix in a mix that I've added to GKP - Do It Just Don't Mix [01:04:34] although it's only had 60 odd downloads - much better than zero!!


Saturday, 3 July 2010

It's great .. Always look on the bright side !!

I travelled miles yesterday in an attempt the retrieve the new screen for my netbook that I ordered on Thursday .. Unfortunately I was shocked to realise there was a block on my debit card .. I couldn't pay for the item as I hadn't brought any cash with me .. It was a wasted journey and request of a lift, but I managed to see a couple of headz that I hadn't seen recently so it was all good :c)

Upon calling my bank to make enquiries I then found what the problem was and was able to rectify the situation over the phone..

I got my mountain bike out a couple hours after mentally debating taking public transport; I haven't ridden any great distances since I bought my car so the exercise was long over due.. I probably rode a total of 20miles as well as taking a 20 minute train ride .. The shop keeper was quite surprised that I chose to cycle such a great distance but was dlighted for the business ..

I got back home a little over half an hour ago and have completed the installation of the replacement screen .. I have a couple of issues, namely the fact that this replacement is not a genuine part and this fact is visible, but it works and the display quality is perfect .. I'm happy that I can now resume DJ practice and I was happy for the break ..

While I wasn't DJing I was preparing a blog for my mate Shotty .. I knocked it up last week, and to be honest it looks better than this one that I've created for myself .. no biggy!! I hope it gets some traffic and does the job intented..

Right, I'm expecting a guest any minute .. I've just placed my beverage order so it looks like I'm going to get a little intoxicated on this fine Saturday evening .. (I should be going out on the town really - Thanks ladies, you made my treck into the wilderness a pleasure :c) )

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My latest under-takings

I haven't been able to work on any mixes lately due to damaging the screen on the XP netbook which I had configured for using Traktor. I did commence mapping the BCD for use with Traktor Pro with my Vista laptop, but since the mad weekend I've found myself doing other things related to the engineering of music, namely the creation and updating of Shotty's blog.

Upon reading his Bio before publishing, I spotted numerous subtle similarities that we share that are musically related. I almost thought my own biography had been bastardised.

I'm going to order a new screen for my netbook, possible later this evening. I'd like to get it sorted out pretty soon as to get back to spinning tunes and building upon my DJ skills.

Blended by GKP - 2010 by Grafton .K Palmer

Blended by GKP - 2010 by GKPMusic

Monday, 14 June 2010

Monday's Mix ..

Played some variety today .. Started out with some dubstep choonz before laying down a recording .. I'm not overly confident about recording and uploading other genres just yet as Breakbeat feels more user (novice) friendly .. The beats are easier to match .. I've spent some time listening to some mixes that I recorded back in April; I'm tempted to upload one or two to demonstrate how much progress I've made but I'm certain it would be a waste of space on some unfortunate souls server .. This latest addition is called stinkin pitts mix .. I'm happy with it, but I haven't actually listened to it yet .. I'd normally proof listen before uploading but this time I going barefoot ..

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday's Blend

I don't think this Intel N270 with all the crap I have loaded in Windows is working in my favour .. Soon after recording today's effort the program crashed and my playlist wasn't saved .. I knew the track names of a few but not all so I had to find an alternate method for figuring out the track names I wasn't sure about .. Currently proof listening to this 30minute quicky .. Doesn't sound too bad, but there's much room for improvement .. Getting the levels right without a banging sound system is proving difficult . I need to re arrange my speakers as to be able to hear better what I'm doing .. This mix is almost live on house-mixes .. I think I'll begin using MixCloud this week, but rather than upload the same mix to both hosts I'll start doing two mixes..

Friday, 11 June 2010

Some Biography, Pt 2

I was musical before my teens .. While at primary school there was a teacher who was very into music and made music fun .. We wrote our own music and were entered into a schools concert at the Birmingham Town Hall .. It was my first encounter performing with a class band with my peers as well as competing to win a musically inspired competition .. In those days I played a recorder and a little bit of keyboard .. I also played lead piano for the schools nativity play .. I suppose music has always been somewhere within me while leaking out here and there..

Since secondary school appeared just as a moment in life to have a laugh, I neve persued my inner joy of music academically .. I was fortunate that a friend at the time was from a musical family (mentioned in Some Biography, Pt 1)

Mix Mixed

Today's mix has been done .. Maintaining my ID3 tags took a few more minutes than desired but I got there in the end .. My breakbeat folder is now up to date, or as up to date as I require it this time .. Sorting out these minor issues makes Traktor that much more pleasant to use .. My only hang up about Traktor is the fact I have to convert each set from *wav to *mp3 .. I've decided it much quicker to drag the *wav across my network, convert then upload from a faster machine .. The netbook isn't at all good at multitasking while Traktor is running so I've ensured I can easily access the recording folder over my network ..

It's now time to proof-listen to today's mix .. If there are too many areas I'll have to archive it and not add it to my online library.

Traktor Maintenance

2117 Songs, 9.3 days, 21.4GB where 608 Songs are breakbeat .. Every track is analysed but there are numerous choons that are categorised in the wrong genre due to incorrect ID3 tagging .. I'm working through my breakbeat playlist making amendments where necessary .. It's a lengthy task as I'm also amending my Ratings .. I'm glad I never added my entire netbook's library to my Traktor track collection because this task would be taking me much longer .. Hopefully I won't have yesterdays problem which was a program crash after working through most of my breakbeat playlist .. I never got a chance to close the program manually to save the data I had modified .. I'm now at position 133 of 608 so it may be another few minutes before I crank up the volume and begin working on today's blend ..

Thursday, 10 June 2010

GKP early mix upped to Youtube pt.2

GKP's Cider Sunday : Sunday Pub Lunch Fixer

1) High Volume - Buckfunk 3000
2) In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) - Freestylers
3) I'll Show You - Shotty
4) Bounce - Beat Assassins

-The earlier works .. This is a reloaded effort of the previous Veggie Pie & Chips: Friday Lunchtime Half a Spliff Chilly Dip Mix

GKP early mix upped to Youtube pt.1

GKP's Veggie Pie & Chips: Friday Lunchtime Half a Spliff Chilly Dip Mix

1) High Volume - Buckfunk 3000
2) In Love With You (Rogue Element Remix) - Freestylers
3) I'll Show You - Shotty
4) Bounce - Beat Assassins

-The earlier works

Some Biography, Pt 1

I've not been much of a producer in terms of music .. As a teenager I'd spend time outside of school messing about with a friend's studio equipment. This was in the day of using Atari computers due to their built in MIDI assets for sound production .. Cubase was the focal point of much of the producing .. I had a go at doing vocal work in my youth but I didn't put the effort in and decided it wasn't my thing .. I've been exposed to playing the keyboard but again, laziness meant I wasn't going to be rewarded for my efforts .. I much preferred the technical aspects of sound engineering than the performing side ..

Now, many years down the line I'm taking the time to learn how to DJ .. I first touched a pair of turntables in the late 90s and didn't touch them again for quite a few years afterwards. I had a go on some 1210s, but again, I didn't put the effort in and felt as though learning to mix was going to be a tough and drawn out chore .. My first interaction with an MP3 midi controller was interesting; there was hope!! It was numerous months after my first encounter with an MP3 controller that encouragement started to manifest. I've since started to mix an blend regularly and I've evolved in skill over the past few months ..

Loading Traktor..

I've got a new choon for the collection courtesy of Shotty. The title of the track appears to be 'SHOTTY AND LADY SOVEREIGN 'RANDOM REMIX' of the dubstep genre, so I'm going to have a play and see if I can put today's mix together. I haven't played much dubstep so my beat matching skills might show vulnerability. I'll add it to my mixes on house-mixes dot com later this evening and see if anyone listens to it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fiddling with it..

This is quite a straight forward task, but I am a seasoned HTML novice with an above basic knowledge of simple coding. I'm guessing I'll be given an opportunity to share such wisdoms in due course. I'm not sure what to do now I've set this up. I've little to blog about. Maybe tomorrow will inspire me to type a few more words of emptiness.

I've set up a blog!!

It was asked of me whether or not I'd be willing and able to assist with creating a blog. I have no problem offering help where it's needed. Unfortunately, apart from myspace and facebook I've little experience of this thing called blogging. If I am to offer assistance then it's a fundamental requirement that I do some research; this blog, in it's current state is just that - Research!

I shall use this blog to discover more about the world of blogging. Where possible I shall use Grafton .K Palmer Music as the feature topic of this blog