Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Checking In

It has been a long time since I last paid this blog a visit.

It has been just as long since I last mixed some tunes.

I fell out of love with DJing.

Upon checking out the status of this block I was disappointed to find that Photobucket now want to charge me $399/year to host 18 images.

I've had to move the linked images used as buttons on this blog over to google.

That is the main reason I have signed in this evening.

I have a few more images left to link and it shouldn't take long now that I've remembered how to login to this blog.

I closed my GKP Music Twitter account and some arsehole has taken the URL I was using so there is little chance of recovery.

GKP Music seems to throw up all sorts when searched in YouTube too.

I never had these issues in 2010 when I invented the pseudonym Grafton K Palmer (GKP Music).

I thought it was unique enough. It seems a good thing doesn't last with all the pirates, thieves and lack of creative talent among us.

It's okay.

I can always use my real name in future. It is still ungoogleable to this day bringing up nothing.

I've done well to avoid internet presence and unwanted exposure for the last 37 years of my life.

Perhaps I should look into changing that in the new year.

I'll think about it.

I've got a few new tracks in my collection. Well, I say new only because I've not thrown them into a mix however they are 12-18 months old now. I've become more of a listener than a player.

I'd like to get back into the swing. I'm still perfecting my personal sound system and getting it sounding crisp with a few tweaks and upgrades so the love is not completely lost.

I think I better get back to linking the broken images and then I'll see about playing some tunes for upload.

I've certainly thought about getting an internet radio slot with Rave Radio and have made enquiries. I'm missing a webcam, a mic and I probably need another soundcard to capture the stream audio. When I discovered I needed additional hardware I put the idea on the back burner, but I may bring it back to the front.

**Update: There are tons of broken links throughout this blog. Too many to go through at this moment to repair. I'll contemplate deleting the entire thing and calling it a day over the coming weeks **

Thursday, 24 December 2015


I don't do Christmas but for those who do, I hope you have a great time.

This is going to be my last upload for 2015.

It's been quite a non-musical year on reflection. A little here and a little there but nothing to write home about. I can't say I've missed it. With other things going on it's only now, late in the year, that I'm able to put a little time into playing choons and getting my musical mojo back.

I think my shift in circle of associates has been a significant contributory factor to my abstinence from music related productivity. Opportunity has been knocking but my head was elsewhere.

Who knows what the new year will bring? I have plans ..

I'm certainly finding my feet again but could do with playing on a "big rig". This is part of the plan.

'Dance' Off Your Turkey is still going strong from the looks of things. Maybe one day I'll make a special appearance. Or maybe not? Good luck to the organisers of tomorrows knee jerk session, not that they need it - so long as the DJs, security and bar staff are there it's a party.

Hmmm, I can't remember why I'm not in the 'Turkey Squadron' any more. Something to do with £500 I think. Last two tracks in the mix triggered distant memories; there is nothing to fixate on here..

Personally, there is much work to be done between now and getting back in the booth. I'm not yet back to the confidence level that once was. My uploads might sound ok but you don't know how many times I got half way through a mix and thought 'Eff It' and started the recording again, or completed a recording, listened to it and thought 'NAAAAAH that's not the one'.

I suppose one good lesson that has stuck is level control. I no longer compress, normalise or EQ finished mixes to get them sounding punchy and sharp. I try not to use low quality mp3 as part of my selection, or mix minimal sounding tracks with full thumping bangers - it ruins the transition according to my ears. There is an art to selection for listening pleasure. This is obviously different to reading the dance floor and selecting tracks based on crowed reaction

There was a time when I'd don the headphones and get right into it. These days there is a lot of stretching and warming up involved, but with some daily training this controller should become an extension of my self, as the Numark N4 did -- I could play on that thing blind folded.

The Xponent requires me to spend a lot more time time thinking, the last thing I want is to build up to a sick drop and the BASS is killed. OMG, that happens often with this Xponent. Also getting too hyper with the faders sees the caps come flying off. In that respect the N4 could take a little more of a battering.

My current moods is that I'm in need of some new music again. I'm not feeling my old selection, which is a shame considering, after losing in the region of 23,000 tracks, I made up my mind to stop DJing. Upon recovering the lost media some months later, I suppose I'm chasing after the horse I fell off a while ago. The towel I once threw in is in hand and I'm chasing that mule down the street and across oceans.

Regaining momentum is basically what I'm going through. The dream of playing to a crowd of 10,000 is still burning somewhere. I'm going to search for it with a flash light.

In the meantime, here is the playlist for the mix above. The paste function was giving me a hard time on the house-mixes website so I'll wait until I've got a little more patience before I add it over there.

:: Boy from Ipanema (Piatto remix) - Lucca
:: Afterclub (Riva Starr remix) - Funkagenda
:: No Rain (Chris Reece, Josh Green Collab Mix) - Room 24
:: You Gotta Saying (Shaunyboy Remix) - The Groove Fenomenal
:: Dancer (Original Mix) - D.Matveev 
:: Nobody Can Do This (Olav Basoski Remix) - Ndkj
:: Throw your hands up (Angger Dimas remix) - Vandalism
:: Feel the beat! - Swen Weber & Mangusco
:: Come with it (ATFC mix) - Smashing Sebastian & C Reid
:: Beat for me (Daniele Petronelli radio mix) - Dr. Kucho! 
:: Certain Way (Greenbay Jackers Remix) - Flapjackers 
::  Jackin house ?? - DJ Koks
:: Ride Yours Here (Original Mix) - Greenbay Jackers
:: Talkin  - Hapkido & Greenbay Jackers
:: True (Phonetix Remix) - Jaimeson ft. Angel Blu 
:: What I Say (Greenbay Jackers Remix) - Tourist
:: Pistol Whip - Zack Black :: Hey You (DJ Dan Re-Rub) - Slynk
:: On Top - Slynk & SkiiTour
:: Overdrive - Shaun Jnr
:: Front To Back (Funky Trunkers Remix) - Rescue
:: 1981 - Koen Groeneveld :: Disco Freak (Original Mix) - Mario Chris
:: Spanish Montana (Original Mix) - The Gulf Gate Project
:: Dive Into The Disco (Code Name No Name Remix) - Alex James and Maximus Baxter
:: Monkey Dance - Krafty Kuts
:: When I Was A Yout (Krafty Kuts Remix) - Ed Solo & Skool Of Thought
:: Are you ready - Kid Panel
:: Joystick (Original Mix) - DJ Icey
:: Mars  - Fake Blood
:: Hihat (Kultur & Colombo Remix) - Killer Profit Ft. Mark Thomas

I think I just deleted a dozen 'old' mixes off mixcloud.

Not sure that was a good idea.

I've decided to listen to one one of them. They're old but they aren't terrible considering I was only using a Behringer BCD2000 midi controller back then.

I'm gunna have to dig the 2010/2011 collection selection out and have a play.

I forgot all about those tracks and the hours spent 'putting the work in'. Putting controller and laptop in bag and showing up places for b2b sessions as many consecutive days in a row that others could stomach. Ye, memories hahaha

Upon further investigation it turns out I still have said deleted mixes on House-Mixes.com.

I want to play this exact mix again ('Altitude Problem' - without the mistakes). I love these tunes and feel I could do a better job these days.

I ought to hold off on thinking about new tracks. I have quite a few to work with and there is always a trick or two to make them sound newer than ever.

Friday, 27 November 2015


Greetings readers.

I'll cut to the chase.

I sold my Numark N4.

Obviously I couldn't scratch two beats after doing that.

I was loaned an M-Audio Xponent; I never really got into using it.

I thought I lost 23,000 mp3s; basically my entire collection!

6 Months later I learned that I still have the collection.

I've got back in the driving seat and have started working on my ability to beat match again.

GKP - Enter 2016 by GKP Music on House-Mixes.com

During the time I thought I had no digital music I turned to dabbling with Cubase. I'm currently working on a track. It sounds quite good for a solo attempt. It must be confirmed it's not my first time flying solo.

I've also picked up my guitar several times. Not yet a rock star.

Not much else to report on the music front. Now I have a shiny new laptop and no more awful scratchy noises coming from the controller's sound card I think I am comfortable playing to an audience. So, this is where I am heading.